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The Road from Italy to England

This is where Erasmus wrote The Praise of Folly.

Folly's Platform

The is where Folly makes her speech.

The Fortunate Isles

This is where Folly was born and raised by her parents and attendants.


This accompanies some forms of madness.


This is a part of Folly's nature, because Folly makes good things possible and is worshiped by all, whether they realize it or not.


According to the narrator, this is knowledge that men cannot and should not have.


The narrator says that this is found in all manner of frivolous, foolish, deceitful, and sinful activities.


This is considered by the narrator to be achievable only through Folly.


According to the narrator, this is made possible through Folly and is necessary for people to love themselves and others.

The Sciences

The narrator believes that the absence of...

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