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Lesson 1 (from Preface)



Erasmus begins The Praise of Folly by dedicating it to his friend, Thomas More. Erasmus and More shared similar ideas, and More would later defend the book when it came under criticism. This lesson discusses the friendship between Erasmus and More as witnessed in the Prefatory Letter.


1) Class Discussion: Erasmus begins by speaking of his "dear More." How does he describe the memories they shared together? How else does Erasmus describe More? Was his flattery sincere?

2) Group Discussion: The original Latin title for the book is Encomium Moriae. As Erasmus explains, "moriae" is from the Greek word for folly, "moria." In a group, discuss this pun on More's name. What does this joke say about the friendship between the two men? What does it say about their personalities?

3) Individual Activity: Erasmus ends the letter by requesting that More be an advocate for the book...

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