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Draw a picture of one of the personified characters from The Praise of Folly. Bring to class and ask your classmates to guess who it is.


Research another Humanist from the time period of Erasmus. Compare and contrast the two men and share your research with your class.

Greek gods

Research one of the Greek gods mentioned by Folly. Read a legend about him or her.

Folly's Family Tree

With a classmate, draw a family tree for Folly. Include her aids and nurses.


Write a eulogy in praise of something. Possibilities could be summer vacation or weekends. Be prepared to give your eulogy to the class.

The fool

Folly states that fools are favorites with kings and are allowed to speak the truth without giving offense. Find a fool from one of Shakespeare's plays who illustrates Folly's words. Describe him to your class.

Examples of folly

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