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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the concept of friendship in The Praise of Folly. How would you describe Erasmus and More's friendship? What does Folly say about friendship? Do you think Erasmus believed folly necessary for his own friendships?

Essay Topic 2

"There is merit in being attacked by Folly." Is the converse also true? Show three examples from the book in which Erasmus intended to attack with his praise.

Essay Topic 3

Erasmus relies heavily on personification in The Praise of Folly. Give one example of personification besides that of Folly. How does Erasmus use personification to his benefit? Is his use effective?

Essay Topic 4

Discuss references to marriage in the Praise of Folly. Were Folly's parents married? What is Folly's role in marriage? Does Erasmus have a favorable view of marriage?

Essay Topic 5

What is the relationship between Self-love and Folly? How is Self-love necessary for friendship? How is deception...

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