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• Erasmus was writing a letter to Thomas More to dedicate the book to him.

• Erasmus explains that he wrote The Praise of Folly for fun.

• More's family name was similar in meaning to folly and More liked jokes.

• Erasmus defends satire and comedy.

Chapter 1 - 4

• Folly introduces herself.

• Folly claims that she makes people cheerful.

• Folly imitates the Sophists by giving a eulogy, for herself.

• Folly defends herself for praising herself.

• Folly claims that she will speak extemporaneously.

• Folly refuses to give herself a definition.

• Folly states she is recognizable.

• Folly insults rhetoricians.

• Folly is the daughter of Plutus and Youth.

• Folly was born in the Islands of the Blest.

• Drunkenness and Ignorance nursed Folly.

• Folly has several aids.

Chapters 5 - 10

• Folly is divine.

• Folly is found among the youth and the aged.

• Folly influences gods.

• No human could be happy without Folly, and all are influenced...

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