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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bartlett recognize?

2. What does Gerald claim is the motivating factor of all men?

3. How does Sparks pass the time as he rides along with them?

4. How many people stand with Davies when a vote is taken the next morning?

5. When Juan tries to escape, where does Farnley shoot him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the elder and younger Tetley's not see eye to eye?

2. What is so important about the letter Martin wrote to his wife that Davies is trying to convince others in the posse to read it?

3. What does Sparks tell Art about as they wait in the shadows?

4. What surprises Tetley and the rest of his group when they move in to confront the men they suspect of rustling and killing Kinkaid?

5. What is unusual about the fact that Art would give Sparks his coat, and why would many men not have done so?

6. What is the situation at the end of the Ox-Bow valley?

7. What does Martin beg the posse to do in order to give him and his men the benefit of the doubt?

8. What evidence is revealed when Juan attempts to escape that seems to be an irrefutable link between the three men and Kinkaid's death?

9. What makes Gil confront Tetley and why do they almost come to blows?

10. What does Donald Martin tell the posse when he is questioned about the fact that he has cattle with Drew's brand on them in his possession?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who arrives that sways the group to a more negative outlook? What is his background? Why does he automatically become the unofficial leader of the group? What information does he bring with him? How does that change the intentions of the group? What does Mapes do before the group leaves? Why does the judge disagree with this?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Art become concerned when Gil begins to win big at the poker tables? What does Art fear? Why does he join the game? What does he hope to accomplish by doing so? How effective is his plan? Why? What is Farnley's suggestion as he continues to lose? Does it help?

Essay Topic 3

What do Gil and Art notice as they first return to Bridger's Wells after a winter of looking after cows? Why does the town appear to be little more than a ghost town? What brought about this change? Why did this change occur? What is employed in its place? Is it as effective?

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