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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Donald Martin claim to live?

2. What surprises the posse as they approach the fire of the suspected rustlers?

3. Which way does Martin tell Tetley he came up?

4. What does Martin suggest to Tetley after Tetley inspects the brand on the cattle they were driving?

5. Which posse member lives in Pike's Hole?

Short Essay Questions

1. What evidence is revealed when Juan attempts to escape that seems to be an irrefutable link between the three men and Kinkaid's death?

2. Who does Art find himself standing next to when the posse scatters after someone is convinced that they heard someone coming and what does Art do despite Sparks' objections?

3. What bothers Gil most about the posse and their intentions?

4. What happens when the stage rides by the group on the mountain road to Pike's Hole?

5. What is the tone of the conversation between Gerard and Art as they are on the trail to Pike's Hole and how does Gerald see men and women in general?

6. What does Sparks tell Art about as they wait in the shadows?

7. What is the situation at the end of the Ox-Bow valley?

8. What group of riders heads the posse and what do they discover at the mountain path leading to the town of Pike's Hole?

9. What surprises Tetley and the rest of his group when they move in to confront the men they suspect of rustling and killing Kinkaid?

10. What does Martin beg the posse to do in order to give him and his men the benefit of the doubt?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Who asks Art to accompany Joyce as he goes to get Judge Tyler? What is the purpose of asking the Judge to attend? What do they hope he will accomplish? What happens to the mob while Art and Joyce are gone? What offer does Canby make in an effort to influence the intentions of the group? Does it work?

Essay Topic 2

Which of the three men attempts to escape? What distraction does he take advantage of? How far does he get before his escape attempt is discovered? How does he respond when he knows he has been discovered? What do the men of the posse find on him when they finally catch him and bring him back? How does that cause the situation to deteriorate further? What logical explanation is there? How do the men of the posse see it?

Essay Topic 3

What do Tetley and his group discover when they approach the fire in Ox-Bow valley? How does Tetley organize the group? Why are some of the men in the group surprised? Who interrogates the men at the fire? Who speaks for them, and what does he tell the group? Where are he and his two men headed? What does he have with him? Why don't the men believe him? What conflicting evidence is there?

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