Objects & Places from The Ox-Bow Incident

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The drink of choice in Canby's.


What many of the cowboys do for recreation in Bridger's Wells.

Kincaid's Gun

Object found lying on the ground later helps to convict three men of murder.

Woman with Parrot

The name of a painting in Canby's that Art Croft finds fascinating.

Drew's Cows

What Kincaid's killer is said to have gotten away with, containing the marks of their owner.


This is the name of Art Croft's horse.


This is the saloon/hotel in Bridger's Wells.

Judge's House

Where Art Croft goes in search of the sheriff when word of Kincaid's murder reaches Canby's.

Tetley's Barn

Where young Tetley commits suicide.


The ranch outside of Bridger's Wells where the murder of Kincaid is reported to have taken place.

Bridger's Wells

The name of the town in Nevada where the novel is set.

Pike's Hole

The town over...

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