The Ox-Bow Incident Fun Activities

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Artist's Conception

Recreate Bridger's Wells. Draw the town as Gil and Art would have seen it after their long winter away.

A Rose is just a Rose....

Write a personality profile for Rose based on what the author has described. Include the reasons she left and then returned to Bridger's Wells.

Stage Left!

Draw a representation of the last stage coach to leave Bridger's Wells.

Extra, Extra - You Heard It Here First.

Write an exclusive story that details the stage coach's history and eventual, total replacement as the future progresses.

Rustle Up A Cow.

Write a report from the Sheriff's point of view, detailing the recent rustling events and course of action being taken as a result.

Reporter, report.

Write a short story for the local news about the hanging of Donald Martin and his men.

Dear Journal.

Create a journal entry for Tetley Sr. as they...

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