The Ox-Bow Incident Character Descriptions

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Art Croft

A cautious man who has just come into Bridger's Wells after spending the winter watching over a herd of cows.

Gil Carter

A cowboy who likes to blow off steam by picking fights.

Arthur Davies

The owner of the general store in Bridger's Wells.

Gerald Tetley

The son of a rancher and ex-Confederate officer.

Elder Tetley

A rancher and ex-Confederate officer who is deeply ashamed of his son.

Jenny 'Ma' Grier

A local woman who runs the boardinghouse.

Sheriff Risley

The county sheriff.


A young, dark Irish man who works as a cowhand on Drew's ranch.

Jeff Farnley

This character initially suggests they find the killers and hang them rather than allow the slow cogs of the justice system to allow them to go free.

Donald Martin

This is a young rancher who has brought his family from California to Pike's Hole in order to...

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