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Chapter 1

• Art Croft and Gil Carter have spent the winter watching over a herd of cattle.

• They are both eager to return to civilization once the snow is gone.

• The trip to Bridger's Wells is a mostly quiet one, each alone with their own thoughts.

• The first stop they make when arriving in town is Canby's saloon.

• Inside, they go through a ritual conversation involving one of the pictures on the wall.

• Then, finally, they order themselves a whiskey each and tell Canby to leave the bottle.
• Gil finally gets around to asking the question on his mind for most of the winter.

• He wants to know if Rose Mapen, his girl, is still in town.

• Canby tells him that Rose has been gone for a few weeks already.

• The local women in town, threatened by her presence, ran her out of town.

• Gil is more than just...

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