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Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the priest lie to Mike and Dee?

2. Where does Peter drive to in the van?

3. What commission does Dixon want for the pictures he lends to Lampeth's gallery?

4. Why does Tom go see Wright and Mandingo?

5. Why doesn't Louis Broom actually work on Wednesdays?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How is the end of the novel a twist in regards to Mike Arnaz? Did the reader expect Mike to be such a major player in the scandal? Does the twist add to the depth of the novel? In what way does it or does it not? Did Follett intend to surprise the reader? Does it play into the genre?

Essay Topic 2

How might the ending of the novel be considered ambiguous? Is the ending satisfactory? Does it give closure? Does the ending appropriately or inappropriately conclude the work? Explain precisely how and why?

Essay Topic 3

Though Sarah appears briefly, she has a significant presence. Show how her character functions in the work. You may discuss how her actions affect theme or the development of other characters.

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