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Short Answer Questions

1. Under what pretense does Anne claim that she has the masterpiece painting?

2. What does Anne show Crawford when he states that he needs another opinion about the painting?

3. What does Cardwell tell Samantha about his wealth?

4. What does Lipsey tell the Contessa that he does for a living?

5. What does Lipsey tell Dee and Mike when they ask to see the picture of his daughter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Arnaz's last line, " I had faith in you baby" suggest about the entire scam?

2. What occurs in the bar when Lipsey returns to Poglio and finds Dee and Mike there?

3. Who is Gaston Moore and how does he fit into the whole scheme of things in regards to the paintings?

4. What does Julian discover about his Modigliani and what does he first plan on doing about it? How is that plan obstructed? What is his second plan? How is that obstructed? What is his third plan?

5. Why does Louis Broom decide not to tell his editor about the phone call he receives concerning the forgeries and what does he do instead?

6. What does Lampeth say to Willow about the effect the forgery scam will have on the art world?

7. How does the transaction with Crowforth go and then all of the subsequent transactions even though the reader is not given the details?

8. What does Lipsey find at the chateau that Mike sends him to?

9. How does Lipsey discover that Dee and Mike had not yet made it to Poglio?

10. What is the set-up for selling the forgeries?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is Tom a villain? Analyze the nature of Tom's villainy and show how it enhances the meaning of the work.

Essay Topic 2

After speaking with Anita, Samantha makes a decision that she takes to her agent. There she explains how she feels about her career. Explain her feelings and analyze how these thoughts are idealistic in an industry where everyone is out to make a great deal of money.

Essay Topic 3

How does Poglio differ from London? Compare and contrast the two places, tell what each place represents and how their contrast contributes to the meaning of the novel as a whole.

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