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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anne do when she gets into the taxi after she sells the painting?

2. Why did the priest lie to Mike and Dee?

3. What information does the Hilton clerk give to Louis?

4. Why are Anne and Mitch richly dressed at the Hilton?

5. Under what pretense does Anne claim that she has the masterpiece painting?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Arnaz's last line, " I had faith in you baby" suggest about the entire scam?

2. Who is Mandingo and how does he get involved in Cardwell's collection?

3. Why does Tom go visit Bill Wright?

4. How does Mike get hold of the real Modigliani?

5. Who is Gaston Moore and how does he fit into the whole scheme of things in regards to the paintings?

6. What does Lipsey find at the chateau that Mike sends him to?

7. What is the set-up for selling the forgeries?

8. What is Louis' hand in the story of the forgeries once he has the professor identify the painting as such?

9. How do Mitch and Peter respond to the write-up in the newspaper about themselves?

10. What does Lampeth say to Willow about the effect the forgery scam will have on the art world?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Peter states one of the major themes of the novel when he calls the newspaper to demand an inexpensive place for artists to sell their work. Charles comments to Willow about the demand and its lack of permanence on the art dealer. What is Follett telling the reader in regards to profit versus what is due to the artist?

Essay Topic 2

Choose a character that you believe is morally ambiguous yet plays an important role in the novel. Explain how the character can be viewed as such and why his or her moral ambiguity is significant to the whole novel.

Essay Topic 3

How might the ending of the novel be considered ambiguous? Is the ending satisfactory? Does it give closure? Does the ending appropriately or inappropriately conclude the work? Explain precisely how and why?

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