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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Jack Best's specific profession?
(a) Movie critic.
(b) Entertainment journalist.
(c) Business jounralist.
(d) Art critic.

2. What revelation does Dee come to after she takes a nap in the afternoon?
(a) The priest was hiding something from her.
(b) Modigliani was a Jew.
(c) The painting was hidden behind another painting.
(d) The proprietor knew something he did not tell her.

3. What does Peter Usher go to see Mr. Dixon about?
(a) Showing Peter's work in his gallery.
(b) Selling one of Peter's paintings.
(c) Commissioning Peter for a painting.
(d) Finding out gossip about Lampeth.

4. Where does Julian find his father-in-law when he goes to request more money?
(a) On the golf course.
(b) At his home.
(c) In a restaurant.
(d) At a tavern.

5. Why does Lipsey choose an inexpensive hotel room to stay in during his investigation?
(a) He thinks that he might learn something there.
(b) It is his style.
(c) It is part of his camoflouge.
(d) He can't afford an expensive one.

6. What is Dee doing in Paris?
(a) Simply enjoying the things that she likes.
(b) Spending the summer with her brother, MIke.
(c) Visiting her friend, MIke.
(d) Studying art.

7. What comparison does Peter make about a painter who isn't painting?
(a) Not drinking to a drinker.
(b) Not dancing to a dancer.
(c) Not playing to a musician.
(d) Not smoking to a smoker.

8. What issue is Samantha having with accepting the part for the movie?
(a) She does not care for the director.
(b) It has no message.
(c) She is not interested in comedy.
(d) There is a nude scene.

9. What does Mad Mitch respond when Peter asks him what he thinks of his painting?
(a) "It invites me to pour out a bunch of garbage."
(b) "It would clash with my suite."
(c) "Rather ask if I would hang it on my wall."
(d) "It has great movement, brushwork and design."

10. What does the telegram reference that Dee receives?
(a) Results of an exam.
(b) A notice to come home immediately.
(c) A tragedy in her family.
(d) An acceptance into a Ph. D. program.

11. Where is Dee in the opening of "Part II, Chapter 1"?
(a) On a train in Italy.
(b) On a bus in Spain.
(c) In a cab in London.
(d) On a bike in Paris.

12. What does Lipsey have for lunch after he has investigated all morning?
(a) A burger and beer.
(b) Duck and a cigar.
(c) Steak and red wine.
(d) Fish and white wine.

13. What does Lipsey decide that he must do first in his investigation?
(a) Look for the painting.
(b) Go to hotels in search of where Dee is staying.
(c) Visit the police station.
(d) Knock on doors to find Dee.

14. What is baby Vibeke doing while her parents are preparing for the scam?
(a) Watching cartoons.
(b) Playing with a plastic box.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Playing with a babysitter.

15. How does Julian blackmail Sarah?
(a) He says that she can have a divorce if she gives him money.
(b) He tells her that he will tell her father about her behavior.
(c) He will not tell her father's secret about being broke if she gives him money.
(d) He takes pictures of her in a compromising position.

Short Answer Questions

1. What idea came out of the painting contest between Peter and Mad Mitch?

2. Why does Julian drive to Samantha's house after he leaves his father-in-law?

3. What do the assistants wear at the Belgrave Art Gallery?

4. How does Lipsey get rough with the old man who will not answer his questions?

5. What does Peter believe about the artist and the collectors?

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