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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part does Anne play in the scam?
(a) She is coaching Peter and Mitch.
(b) She is giving the men food and drink.
(c) She is watching for any visitors.
(d) She is writing letters.

2. What does Julian's father-in-law tell him to do that will allow him to give Julian more money?
(a) Give him a grandson.
(b) Find good buys in the picture market.
(c) Divorce his daughter.
(d) Find a painter worth something.

3. How does Julian win over Sarah and convince her to marry him?
(a) She falls in love with him because he is so sweet.
(b) She believes he is a successful artist.
(c) She believes that he will make a ton of money as an artist some day.
(d) He takes her to all of the gallery receptions where she falls in love with him and art.

4. What does Peter believe about the artist and the collectors?
(a) Artists should work for their art and not get involved with collectors.
(b) Collectors and artists are only in it for the money.
(c) Collectors don't care at all about the artist himself.
(d) Collectors would rather the artist be dead.

5. What do Mad Mitch, Peter and Anne all do together in Peter's house?
(a) Make a fancy meal.
(b) Get drunk.
(c) Tell stories of art school.
(d) Paint.

6. What publication does Jack Best work for?
(a) Paris Tribune.
(b) New York Times.
(c) London Magazine.
(d) London Times.

7. For what does Peter go to Meunier's ?
(a) Financial help.
(b) Part-time work.
(c) Advice.
(d) A painting to copy.

8. What does Julian notice on the wall of Samantha's house?
(a) A postcard from Livorno.
(b) A picture of his wife and another man.
(c) A postcard from Paris.
(d) A picture of a Modigliani.

9. How much money does Peter and Mitch's backer put up?
(a) A thousand quid.
(b) Five thousand quid.
(c) Ten thousand quid.
(d) Fifty thousand quid.

10. What three items does Lipsey have to begin his investigation?
(a) Postcard, address and a newspaper clipping.
(b) Postcard, address, and a photograph.
(c) Diary entry, newspaper clipping and a photgraph.
(d) Address, photograph and a diary entry.

11. What does Dee want to write her thesis about?
(a) The relationship between art and drugs.
(b) The relationship between drugs and literature.
(c) The relationship between art and experience.
(d) The relationship between art and youth.

12. What does Julian decide that he needs in order to secure his future?
(a) A nicer wife.
(b) Cash.
(c) The lost Modigliani.
(d) A better education.

13. What is the name of the gallery that Julian is opening?
(a) King's Road Gallery.
(b) Black Gallery.
(c) Julian's Gallery.
(d) Julian and Samantha's Gallery.

14. Who is Julian's father-in-law?
(a) Lord Cardwell.
(b) Lampeth.
(c) Earl Cabott.
(d) The Prince of Wales.

15. With what does Dee wipe the dust off of the paintings?
(a) Her underwear.
(b) The shirt she wore under her dress.
(c) A sash she found on the floor.
(d) A handkerchief the priest gave her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is NOT the issue with Peter Usher's paintings at the gallery?

2. Why has Joe Davies hired Andy?

3. How does Lipsey get the address of where Dee is staying in Livorno?

4. Who is Anita to Samantha?

5. What surprising statement does Samantha give Jimmy when he comes for an interview?

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