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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Peter get what he took from the supply room back to London?
(a) With a messenger.
(b) In a hole in his jacket.
(c) Through the mail.
(d) In his coat pocket

2. What do they all do once the policeman leaves Peter's house?
(a) Give up on the scam.
(b) Call a lawyer.
(c) Have a drink.
(d) Laugh.

3. What does Tom explain away to Samantha about his past?
(a) Charges against him were dropped.
(b) Statements about him were lies created by an enemy.
(c) He has an impending divorce and forged a check.
(d) His ex-wife was a criminal.

4. Why does the policeman come to the door of Peter's house?
(a) To tell him that he knows something odd is going on in the house.
(b) To investigate a theft.
(c) To tell him that the lights are on in the car.
(d) To investigate a missing painting.

5. Who is Julian's father-in-law?
(a) Lord Cardwell.
(b) The Prince of Wales.
(c) Earl Cabott.
(d) Lampeth.

6. What is the relationship between Willow and Lampeth?
(a) They are worker and boss at the gallery.
(b) They are mere acquaintances.
(c) They are both art dealers for different galleries.
(d) They are partners in the gallery.

7. What do the assistants wear at the Belgrave Art Gallery?
(a) Black and striped shirts.
(b) Aprons with paint on them.
(c) Tuxedos and tails.
(d) Large hats with plumes.

8. Why did Modigliani have to get rid of his paintings?
(a) He had to feed his family.
(b) He had to use it for rent.
(c) He had no money for rent and had to move.
(d) He needed money to move out of Paris.

9. Whose painting does Mad Mitch and Peter recreate in the contest?
(a) Rembrandt.
(b) Monet.
(c) Modigliani.
(d) Van Gogh.

10. Why has Joe Davies hired Andy?
(a) He has a more modern image.
(b) He is older and more experienced.
(c) He is quite talented.
(d) He is quite smart.

11. Why doesn't Mad Mitch paint for a living?
(a) He doesn't believe he has enough talent.
(b) He would rather teach.
(c) He fears being a full time artist.
(d) Being a full time artist is too risky financially.

12. Who gives Lipsey the name of the city that Dee and Mike went to to find the Modigliani?
(a) The young priest in Livorno.
(b) The rabbi in Livorno.
(c) The wife of the proprietor in Livorno.
(d) The proprietor in Livorno.

13. How does Lipsey get rough with the old man who will not answer his questions?
(a) Lipsey pushes the old man against a wall.
(b) Lipsey tells him that Dee is a criminal and dangerous.
(c) Lipsey forces the old man to sit in a chair as he grills him.
(d) Lipsey tells him that he will tell the police there is drug-taking in his room.

14. What does Anita want Samantha to do for herself?
(a) Go to college.
(b) Get into show business.
(c) Get a better job.
(d) Buy a car.

15. What does Dee want to write her thesis about?
(a) The relationship between art and drugs.
(b) The relationship between art and youth.
(c) The relationship between drugs and literature.
(d) The relationship between art and experience.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Julian's father-in-law tell him to do that will allow him to give Julian more money?

2. What issue is Samantha having with accepting the part for the movie?

3. What does Dee go to the proprietor's apartment for?

4. What is baby Vibeke doing while her parents are preparing for the scam?

5. Why does Lipsey choose an inexpensive hotel room to stay in during his investigation?

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