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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom say that he and Samantha should do with Lord Caldwell's art collection?
(a) Buy it.
(b) Steal it.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Help sell it.

2. What does Lipsey decide that he must do first in his investigation?
(a) Visit the police station.
(b) Knock on doors to find Dee.
(c) Look for the painting.
(d) Go to hotels in search of where Dee is staying.

3. What does Mad Mitch respond when Peter asks him what he thinks of his painting?
(a) "It invites me to pour out a bunch of garbage."
(b) "It would clash with my suite."
(c) "Rather ask if I would hang it on my wall."
(d) "It has great movement, brushwork and design."

4. What is the name of the movie that Samantha is interested in doing?
(a) Twelfth Night.
(b) Night, Night.
(c) A Midsummers Nights Dream.
(d) Thirteenth Night.

5. Why does Samantha slap Joe at the party?
(a) He told her to get rid of Tom.
(b) He had Tom investigated.
(c) He made a pass at her.
(d) He told her she had no talent.

6. Whose paintings does Peter take to Mr. Meunier's office?
(a) Vincent Van Gogh.
(b) Braque, a French painter.
(c) Jan Rep, a Dutch painter.
(d) Munch, a German painter.

7. When Julian arrives home after seeing Jack Best at the office, what does he find Sarah has done most of the day?
(a) Read.
(b) Drink.
(c) Clean.
(d) Watch the gardener.

8. Who does Lampeth receive a postcard from?
(a) A man who has Modigliani sketches.
(b) Peter Usher.
(c) His nephew, Mike.
(d) His niece, Dee.

9. How does the proprietor's wife treat Dee?
(a) She smiles at her.
(b) She chases her out.
(c) She ignores her.
(d) She screams at her.

10. What part must Peter play now in the scam?
(a) He must keep an eye out for authorities.
(b) He must take Anne to the galleries to sell the forgeries.
(c) He must go to the galleries and figure out what they should paint.
(d) He must try to sell the forgeries once they are done.

11. How does Julian blackmail Sarah?
(a) He tells her that he will tell her father about her behavior.
(b) He says that she can have a divorce if she gives him money.
(c) He takes pictures of her in a compromising position.
(d) He will not tell her father's secret about being broke if she gives him money.

12. What is Lampeth's business with Lipsey?
(a) Black market art.
(b) Smuggling of art.
(c) Detective work to find a missing family member.
(d) Detective work to find a painting.

13. Why has Joe Davies hired Andy?
(a) He is quite smart.
(b) He is quite talented.
(c) He is older and more experienced.
(d) He has a more modern image.

14. What name did Peter give Meunier's as a reference?
(a) Lampeth.
(b) Mad Mitch.
(c) Julian Black.
(d) Lord Caldwell.

15. Who is Anita to Samantha?
(a) Her sister.
(b) Her secretary.
(c) Her maid.
(d) Her agent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the rabbi tell Dee about the painting she was searching for?

2. What three items does Lipsey have to begin his investigation?

3. What mode of transportation does Peter use to get to Mr. Dixon's gallery?

4. What is baby Vibeke doing while her parents are preparing for the scam?

5. How does Peter Usher react to the news that Lampeth gives him at the gallery reception?

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