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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dee doing in Paris?
(a) Studying art.
(b) Spending the summer with her brother, MIke.
(c) Simply enjoying the things that she likes.
(d) Visiting her friend, MIke.

2. What does Julian decide to do in order to get the cash he needs to travel?
(a) Sell his wife's car.
(b) Sell his wife's jewelry.
(c) Forge one of his wife's checks.
(d) Rob a bank.

3. Why does Julian feel nervous as he enters the office to see Jack Best?
(a) Who he should invite to the reception.
(b) His talk with Jack.
(c) What art he should display at the reception.
(d) The opening of the gallery.

4. What does Lipsey have for lunch after he has investigated all morning?
(a) Duck and a cigar.
(b) Steak and red wine.
(c) A burger and beer.
(d) Fish and white wine.

5. What comparison does Peter make about a painter who isn't painting?
(a) Not dancing to a dancer.
(b) Not drinking to a drinker.
(c) Not playing to a musician.
(d) Not smoking to a smoker.

6. Where is Dee in the opening of "Part II, Chapter 1"?
(a) On a bike in Paris.
(b) On a train in Italy.
(c) In a cab in London.
(d) On a bus in Spain.

7. How does Lipsey get rough with the old man who will not answer his questions?
(a) Lipsey tells him that he will tell the police there is drug-taking in his room.
(b) Lipsey forces the old man to sit in a chair as he grills him.
(c) Lipsey tells him that Dee is a criminal and dangerous.
(d) Lipsey pushes the old man against a wall.

8. What news does Lampeth give Peter Usher at the gallery reception?
(a) His showing will be postponed.
(b) They will use The New Room to show his work.
(c) They will never show his work.
(d) They will show his work with Modigliani's

9. What does Peter Usher go to see Mr. Dixon about?
(a) Commissioning Peter for a painting.
(b) Selling one of Peter's paintings.
(c) Finding out gossip about Lampeth.
(d) Showing Peter's work in his gallery.

10. At the apartment in Livorno, what is Lipsey told about Dee?
(a) She stayed a week and left alone.
(b) She stayed one night and left with a man.
(c) She stayed one night and left alone.
(d) She stayed three nights and left with a man.

11. What does Dee want to write her thesis about?
(a) The relationship between art and drugs.
(b) The relationship between drugs and literature.
(c) The relationship between art and youth.
(d) The relationship between art and experience.

12. What part must Peter play now in the scam?
(a) He must keep an eye out for authorities.
(b) He must take Anne to the galleries to sell the forgeries.
(c) He must try to sell the forgeries once they are done.
(d) He must go to the galleries and figure out what they should paint.

13. What does Julian decide that he needs in order to secure his future?
(a) The lost Modigliani.
(b) A nicer wife.
(c) A better education.
(d) Cash.

14. What is Jack Best's specific profession?
(a) Art critic.
(b) Business jounralist.
(c) Entertainment journalist.
(d) Movie critic.

15. What part does Anne play in the scam?
(a) She is giving the men food and drink.
(b) She is coaching Peter and Mitch.
(c) She is watching for any visitors.
(d) She is writing letters.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does Dee wipe the dust off of the paintings?

2. Who is Anita to Samantha?

3. Why does the policeman come to the door of Peter's house?

4. What is the relationship between Willow and Lampeth?

5. What is the name of the movie that Samantha is interested in doing?

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