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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has Mad Mitch found to back his and Peter's scam?
(a) A small time criminal.
(b) Julian.
(c) A retired art gallery owner.
(d) Lord Caldwell.

2. What does Julian decide that he needs in order to secure his future?
(a) The lost Modigliani.
(b) Cash.
(c) A nicer wife.
(d) A better education.

3. What comparison does Peter make about a painter who isn't painting?
(a) Not smoking to a smoker.
(b) Not dancing to a dancer.
(c) Not drinking to a drinker.
(d) Not playing to a musician.

4. Where is Dee in the opening of "Part II, Chapter 1"?
(a) On a bus in Spain.
(b) On a bike in Paris.
(c) In a cab in London.
(d) On a train in Italy.

5. What does Mad Mitch respond when Peter asks him what he thinks of his painting?
(a) "Rather ask if I would hang it on my wall."
(b) "It has great movement, brushwork and design."
(c) "It invites me to pour out a bunch of garbage."
(d) "It would clash with my suite."

6. What part does Anne play in the scam?
(a) She is giving the men food and drink.
(b) She is writing letters.
(c) She is watching for any visitors.
(d) She is coaching Peter and Mitch.

7. Why is there a party that Tom, Samantha and Joe attend?
(a) It is a farewell party for Samantha.
(b) Julian's art gallery is opening.
(c) A Japanese banker wants to invest in the British film industry.
(d) A new film with one of Joe's clients has just been released.

8. What do the assistants wear at the Belgrave Art Gallery?
(a) Black and striped shirts.
(b) Tuxedos and tails.
(c) Large hats with plumes.
(d) Aprons with paint on them.

9. What does Lampeth say is the reason for the increase in the art market?
(a) The high interest of the wealthy Europeans.
(b) The Americans becoming art conscious after WWII.
(c) The revival of the Renaissance.
(d) The need for investment after WWII.

10. What does Anita want Samantha to do for herself?
(a) Buy a car.
(b) Get into show business.
(c) Get a better job.
(d) Go to college.

11. Who does Lampeth receive a postcard from?
(a) His nephew, Mike.
(b) Peter Usher.
(c) His niece, Dee.
(d) A man who has Modigliani sketches.

12. What had Modigliani done with most of his paintings that he painted while he was high?
(a) He threw them in the trash.
(b) He gave them away.
(c) He burned them.
(d) He sold them.

13. What does Peter Usher go to see Mr. Dixon about?
(a) Selling one of Peter's paintings.
(b) Commissioning Peter for a painting.
(c) Finding out gossip about Lampeth.
(d) Showing Peter's work in his gallery.

14. Who gives Lipsey the name of the city that Dee and Mike went to to find the Modigliani?
(a) The wife of the proprietor in Livorno.
(b) The young priest in Livorno.
(c) The proprietor in Livorno.
(d) The rabbi in Livorno.

15. Why does Dee wear a shirt under her sleeveless dress to the church?
(a) She thought the outfit looked more modest.
(b) Catholics don't allow bare arms in church.
(c) She thought that she would be cold.
(d) Catholics don't allow any part of the chest to show.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Samantha slap Joe at the party?

2. What does Cardwell mean to do to keep himself in brandy?

3. What does the telegram reference that Dee receives?

4. Why does the policeman come to the door of Peter's house?

5. What issue is Samantha having with accepting the part for the movie?

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