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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Mad Mitch set up for his and Peter's scam?
(a) A gallery that will buy their paintings.
(b) A studio for painting.
(c) A bank account.
(d) A newspaper ad.

2. What style of paintings does Lampeth sell at his gallery that make him a rich man?
(a) Classical.
(b) Cubism.
(c) Impressionists.
(d) Expressionism.

3. What does Tom Copper describe himself as to Samantha when he first meets her at the party?
(a) An architect.
(b) A painter.
(c) An inspector.
(d) A wide boy.

4. What is NOT the issue with Peter Usher's paintings at the gallery?
(a) People don't like them.
(b) They are not selling.
(c) They are priced incorrectly.
(d) They are too avant-garde.

5. What revelation does Dee come to after she takes a nap in the afternoon?
(a) Modigliani was a Jew.
(b) The proprietor knew something he did not tell her.
(c) The painting was hidden behind another painting.
(d) The priest was hiding something from her.

6. Why does Lipsey choose an inexpensive hotel room to stay in during his investigation?
(a) He thinks that he might learn something there.
(b) He can't afford an expensive one.
(c) It is part of his camoflouge.
(d) It is his style.

7. What does Tom say that he and Samantha should do with Lord Caldwell's art collection?
(a) Buy it.
(b) Steal it.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Help sell it.

8. How does Peter get what he took from the supply room back to London?
(a) In a hole in his jacket.
(b) With a messenger.
(c) Through the mail.
(d) In his coat pocket

9. What does Julian notice on the wall of Samantha's house?
(a) A postcard from Paris.
(b) A picture of a Modigliani.
(c) A postcard from Livorno.
(d) A picture of his wife and another man.

10. What is Peter Usher's second job?
(a) Frame maker.
(b) Bartender.
(c) Art teacher.
(d) Clerk in a paint store.

11. What is the name of the gallery that Julian is opening?
(a) King's Road Gallery.
(b) Black Gallery.
(c) Julian's Gallery.
(d) Julian and Samantha's Gallery.

12. What does the telegram reference that Dee receives?
(a) An acceptance into a Ph. D. program.
(b) A tragedy in her family.
(c) Results of an exam.
(d) A notice to come home immediately.

13. What mode of transportation does Peter use to get to Mr. Dixon's gallery?
(a) Taxi.
(b) Bicycle.
(c) Train.
(d) Tube.

14. What is the subject of the painting of the contest between Peter and Mad Mitch?
(a) A dog.
(b) A field of flowers.
(c) A gravedigger.
(d) A peasant.

15. Where does Julian find his father-in-law when he goes to request more money?
(a) In a restaurant.
(b) At a tavern.
(c) At his home.
(d) On the golf course.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the movie that Samantha is interested in doing?

2. What does Dee go to the proprietor's apartment for?

3. Who has Mad Mitch found to back his and Peter's scam?

4. Who is Julian's father-in-law?

5. What part does Anne play in the scam?

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