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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is NOT the issue with Peter Usher's paintings at the gallery?
(a) They are too avant-garde.
(b) People don't like them.
(c) They are priced incorrectly.
(d) They are not selling.

2. What does Cardwell mean to do to keep himself in brandy?
(a) Close his company.
(b) Sell his estate.
(c) Sell his art collection.
(d) Borrow from Lampeth.

3. Why did Modigliani have to get rid of his paintings?
(a) He had no money for rent and had to move.
(b) He had to feed his family.
(c) He had to use it for rent.
(d) He needed money to move out of Paris.

4. How does Peter Usher react to the news that Lampeth gives him at the gallery reception?
(a) Peter is thrilled to get his work shown with Modigliani's.
(b) Peter is disappointed.
(c) Peter is angry enough to cause a scene.
(d) Peter is bothered that it will be shown in The New Room.

5. Why has Joe Davies hired Andy?
(a) He is quite talented.
(b) He is older and more experienced.
(c) He has a more modern image.
(d) He is quite smart.

6. What does Tom tell Samantha is the reason for Lord Cardwell's wealth?
(a) His savvy business acumen.
(b) His inheritences.
(c) His business manager's solid investments.
(d) The backs of poor men.

7. Why does the policeman come to the door of Peter's house?
(a) To investigate a theft.
(b) To tell him that the lights are on in the car.
(c) To investigate a missing painting.
(d) To tell him that he knows something odd is going on in the house.

8. Who gives Lipsey the name of the city that Dee and Mike went to to find the Modigliani?
(a) The young priest in Livorno.
(b) The wife of the proprietor in Livorno.
(c) The rabbi in Livorno.
(d) The proprietor in Livorno.

9. What does Julian's father-in-law tell him to do that will allow him to give Julian more money?
(a) Find a painter worth something.
(b) Find good buys in the picture market.
(c) Give him a grandson.
(d) Divorce his daughter.

10. What do the assistants wear at the Belgrave Art Gallery?
(a) Tuxedos and tails.
(b) Aprons with paint on them.
(c) Black and striped shirts.
(d) Large hats with plumes.

11. How does the proprietor's wife treat Dee?
(a) She screams at her.
(b) She smiles at her.
(c) She chases her out.
(d) She ignores her.

12. How much does Peter plan on making from the scam?
(a) A half a million.
(b) A few thousand.
(c) A hundred thousand.
(d) One million.

13. What is Dee doing in Paris?
(a) Studying art.
(b) Visiting her friend, MIke.
(c) Spending the summer with her brother, MIke.
(d) Simply enjoying the things that she likes.

14. What does Lampeth say is the reason for the increase in the art market?
(a) The high interest of the wealthy Europeans.
(b) The need for investment after WWII.
(c) The Americans becoming art conscious after WWII.
(d) The revival of the Renaissance.

15. Who does the old man say received one of Modigliani's paintings?
(a) Another artist.
(b) Dee's Uncle Charles.
(c) An old girlfriend of Modigliani.
(d) A priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Julian decide to do in order to get the cash he needs to travel?

2. What is baby Vibeke doing while her parents are preparing for the scam?

3. What brings Julian back to Samantha's house?

4. What does Dee want to write her thesis about?

5. What has Mad Mitch set up for his and Peter's scam?

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