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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tom explain away to Samantha about his past?
(a) He has an impending divorce and forged a check.
(b) His ex-wife was a criminal.
(c) Statements about him were lies created by an enemy.
(d) Charges against him were dropped.

2. What name did Peter give Meunier's as a reference?
(a) Lampeth.
(b) Julian Black.
(c) Lord Caldwell.
(d) Mad Mitch.

3. Why does Dee wear a shirt under her sleeveless dress to the church?
(a) She thought the outfit looked more modest.
(b) Catholics don't allow any part of the chest to show.
(c) Catholics don't allow bare arms in church.
(d) She thought that she would be cold.

4. What mode of transportation does Peter use to get to Mr. Dixon's gallery?
(a) Tube.
(b) Bicycle.
(c) Taxi.
(d) Train.

5. What did the rabbi tell Dee about the painting she was searching for?
(a) The rabbi gave the painting to his sister.
(b) The painting does not exist.
(c) That it belonged to a rabbi who had died.
(d) The rabbi was eccentric and sold the painting.

6. Why has Joe Davies hired Andy?
(a) He is quite talented.
(b) He is older and more experienced.
(c) He is quite smart.
(d) He has a more modern image.

7. What kind of a city is Livorno?
(a) A major port with docks and steelworks.
(b) A metropolitan city of small business and tourist attractions.
(c) Small and quiet.
(d) Large and filled with resorts.

8. Why doesn't Mad Mitch paint for a living?
(a) He would rather teach.
(b) He fears being a full time artist.
(c) Being a full time artist is too risky financially.
(d) He doesn't believe he has enough talent.

9. What is the name of the gallery that Julian is opening?
(a) Julian's Gallery.
(b) Black Gallery.
(c) Julian and Samantha's Gallery.
(d) King's Road Gallery.

10. At the apartment in Livorno, what is Lipsey told about Dee?
(a) She stayed three nights and left with a man.
(b) She stayed one night and left alone.
(c) She stayed a week and left alone.
(d) She stayed one night and left with a man.

11. What does Peter Usher go to see Mr. Dixon about?
(a) Commissioning Peter for a painting.
(b) Showing Peter's work in his gallery.
(c) Selling one of Peter's paintings.
(d) Finding out gossip about Lampeth.

12. What does Julian suggest that Sarah do in order for her to get money to give to him?
(a) Get a job.
(b) Sell her car.
(c) Sell the house.
(d) Ask her father.

13. Why does Julian feel nervous as he enters the office to see Jack Best?
(a) What art he should display at the reception.
(b) The opening of the gallery.
(c) Who he should invite to the reception.
(d) His talk with Jack.

14. What part does Anne play in the scam?
(a) She is coaching Peter and Mitch.
(b) She is writing letters.
(c) She is giving the men food and drink.
(d) She is watching for any visitors.

15. Who gives Lipsey the name of the city that Dee and Mike went to to find the Modigliani?
(a) The rabbi in Livorno.
(b) The proprietor in Livorno.
(c) The young priest in Livorno.
(d) The wife of the proprietor in Livorno.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Peter Usher's second job?

2. Who comes up to Lampeth at the gallery reception and feigns being Lampeth's friend?

3. When Julian arrives home after seeing Jack Best at the office, what does he find Sarah has done most of the day?

4. Who does Lampeth receive a postcard from?

5. What is Lampeth's business with Lipsey?

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