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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the policeman come to the door of Peter's house?
(a) To investigate a missing painting.
(b) To tell him that he knows something odd is going on in the house.
(c) To tell him that the lights are on in the car.
(d) To investigate a theft.

2. Whose paintings does Peter take to Mr. Meunier's office?
(a) Munch, a German painter.
(b) Jan Rep, a Dutch painter.
(c) Braque, a French painter.
(d) Vincent Van Gogh.

3. Where does the young priest take Dee to look at paintings?
(a) To an altar in the back of the church.
(b) In a crypt in the church.
(c) To a storage unit behind the church.
(d) To a mausoleum on the church property.

4. At the apartment in Livorno, what is Lipsey told about Dee?
(a) She stayed a week and left alone.
(b) She stayed three nights and left with a man.
(c) She stayed one night and left alone.
(d) She stayed one night and left with a man.

5. What publication does Jack Best work for?
(a) New York Times.
(b) London Times.
(c) London Magazine.
(d) Paris Tribune.

6. What has Mad Mitch set up for his and Peter's scam?
(a) A studio for painting.
(b) A gallery that will buy their paintings.
(c) A bank account.
(d) A newspaper ad.

7. Where is Dee in the opening of "Part II, Chapter 1"?
(a) On a bike in Paris.
(b) On a train in Italy.
(c) On a bus in Spain.
(d) In a cab in London.

8. How does Sarah react when Julian asks her for more money?
(a) She storms out of the house.
(b) She becomes physically abusive.
(c) She becomes belligerent.
(d) She is apathetic.

9. What is the name of the gallery that Julian is opening?
(a) Julian and Samantha's Gallery.
(b) Black Gallery.
(c) Julian's Gallery.
(d) King's Road Gallery.

10. How much does Peter plan on making from the scam?
(a) A few thousand.
(b) A hundred thousand.
(c) A half a million.
(d) One million.

11. What do they all do once the policeman leaves Peter's house?
(a) Give up on the scam.
(b) Have a drink.
(c) Call a lawyer.
(d) Laugh.

12. How does Lipsey get the landlord to let him into Dee's apartment?
(a) He claims to be her father.
(b) He claims to be a delivery man.
(c) He claims to be her cousin.
(d) He claims to be an interior decorator.

13. What does Tom say that he and Samantha should do with Lord Caldwell's art collection?
(a) Help sell it.
(b) Burn it.
(c) Buy it.
(d) Steal it.

14. What news does Lampeth give Peter Usher at the gallery reception?
(a) They will use The New Room to show his work.
(b) They will show his work with Modigliani's
(c) They will never show his work.
(d) His showing will be postponed.

15. What does Dee go to the proprietor's apartment for?
(a) To find a place to eat.
(b) To ask questions about the town.
(c) To meet his children.
(d) To make a phone call.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita want Samantha to do for herself?

2. Why does Julian feel nervous as he enters the office to see Jack Best?

3. Who did Dee send a postcard to to tell about the search in Poglio?

4. Why did Modigliani have to get rid of his paintings?

5. What does Peter take from the supply room at Meunier's?

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