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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part IV, Chapters 1-5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peter believe about the artist and the collectors?
(a) Collectors don't care at all about the artist himself.
(b) Artists should work for their art and not get involved with collectors.
(c) Collectors would rather the artist be dead.
(d) Collectors and artists are only in it for the money.

2. What does Julian decide that he needs in order to secure his future?
(a) Cash.
(b) The lost Modigliani.
(c) A nicer wife.
(d) A better education.

3. What does Julian notice on the wall of Samantha's house?
(a) A postcard from Livorno.
(b) A picture of a Modigliani.
(c) A postcard from Paris.
(d) A picture of his wife and another man.

4. What does Peter take from the supply room at Meunier's?
(a) Expensive pens.
(b) Paper clips.
(c) A rubber stamp and headed paper.
(d) Forms.

5. What thought does Lipsey have about Mike as he heads back to Poglio from the chateau?
(a) That Mike may have misled him.
(b) That Mike may have already been to the chateau.
(c) That Mike knew the Contessa.
(d) That Mike knew nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita want Samantha to do for herself?

2. How does the baker look at the girl who comes in for fresh bread in the opening of the story?

3. For what does Peter go to Meunier's ?

4. What does the top art expert say about the forgeries?

5. What commission does Dixon want for the pictures he lends to Lampeth's gallery?

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