The Modigliani Scandal Character Descriptions

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Peter Usher

This character is a young struggling artist who wants to prove the point that the art galleries cannot discern between original paintings and forgeries and that they are motivated by greed, not love of art.

Julian Black

This character is opening an art gallery while living off of his wife and her father's money.

Mike Arnez

This character is a thirty-nine year old from California who blackmailed to get forgeries of the Modigliani.

Dee Sleign

This character is a twenty-five year old art history major.

Lord Cardwell

This character is providing the financial backing for the gallery.

Dunford Lipsey

This character is the detective who travels to Paris and Italy in search of the painting.

Charles Lampeth

This character is the owner of the Belgrave Art Gallery.

Louis Bloom

This character is a newspaper reporter who receives an anonymous phone call about the sale of fake...

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