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Part I, Chapters 1-5

• Dee Sleign is admired by the baker as she purchases bread to bring home to Mike, the man she is staying with for the summer in Paris.

• Dee receives a telegram stating that she passed her exams and now has her B.A. in Art History.

• Mike would rather she work for him than further her education.

• Dee visits an old man as per Mike's suggestion to obtain information for her idea for a thesis paper.

• The old man tells her of Modigliani's poor life and the paintings he burned because he had no place to store them. He also tells her of one of Modigliani's paintings that he painted while high that he gave to a priest.
• Charles Lampeth is an art dealer whose friend Lord Cardwell is an art collector.

• The two dine together one evening when Lord Cardwell tells Lampeth that...

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