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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tarrant, why did Socrates submit so easily to his sentencing?
(a) It afforded him some control.
(b) He chose it over being banished.
(c) He had no will to live.
(d) He had a terminal illness.

2. Who took the young woman home when she was overcome with emotion?
(a) Simmias.
(b) Phaedo.
(c) Crito.
(d) Plato.

3. What was the view of Socrates' friends on the topic of suicide?
(a) It is unacceptable.
(b) There is no consensus on the topic.
(c) People should be free to do whatever they like with their lives, including ending them.
(d) It is understandable in certain circumstances.

4. According to Socrates and his friends, what happens to a soul after it spends some time in the Underworld?
(a) It forgets its previous life.
(b) It reemerges as a new mortal.
(c) It ascends to Heaven.
(d) It is assimilated by the life force of the cosmos.

5. What do we know about Phaedo?
(a) His intellect rivaled that of Socrates.
(b) He was not an actual living person.
(c) He suffered terribly.
(d) He died at a very early age.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term did the Greeks use to refer to the souls of the departed?

2. According to Socrates' friends, what happens when someone learns something?

3. What did Socrates say about the laws of the land during his conversation with Crito?

4. What did Socrates expect when he passed into the Underworld, according to his dialogue with Crito?

5. Who is Phaedo?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Socrates' execution delayed?

2. What was the Pythagorean school of thought?

3. What is written in Book 5, Chapter 1, about risking the loss of one's life?

4. What realization does Socrates have as a result of his and Phaedo's debate with Simmias and Cebes?

5. What is the "transmigration of souls"?

6. What do Socrates and Crito say about experts?

7. What new habit do Socrates' friends discover in the "Phaedo"?

8. What belief do Socrates' friends discuss in the "Phaedo" that was taught in formal philosophical education, but was not culturally popular?

9. What does Socrates say about misanthropy and "mislogic"?

10. What is the setting of the Phaedo?

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