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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did Socrates' dialogue with Crito take place?
(a) After Socrates' sentencing, but before his death.
(b) Before Socrates was informed that he was being prosecuted.
(c) Before Socrates' sentencing.
(d) At Socrates' execution.

2. What did Socrates say about the laws of the land during his conversation with Crito?
(a) They are unjust, but must be followed.
(b) They control members of society, but don't do much to protect them.
(c) They are just, so it is just to follow them.
(d) They both protect and control members of society.

3. Each theory about the afterlife that is presented by Socrates' friends represents a different conception of what?
(a) The gods.
(b) Religion.
(c) The soul.
(d) Mortality.

4. According to Socrates and his friends, what happens to a soul after it spends some time in the Underworld?
(a) It forgets its previous life.
(b) It is assimilated by the life force of the cosmos.
(c) It reemerges as a new mortal.
(d) It ascends to Heaven.

5. Against who were Socrates and his partner debating at the end of Book 5, Chapter 2?
(a) Phaedo and Crito.
(b) Simmias and Crito.
(c) Cebes and Crito.
(d) Simmias and Cebes.

6. What did Crito say about how he would be affected, personally, by Socrates' death?
(a) He would be devastated and wasn't sure he could go on living, himself.
(b) He said that his reputation would suffer if he did not attempt to help Socrates.
(c) He wouldn't be personally affected, but knew several people who would be.
(d) He would be moved to seek vengeance against those who caused it.

7. What did Crito offer Socrates?
(a) Money.
(b) An overturned sentence.
(c) A safe place to escape to.
(d) A more comfortable place to spend his final days.

8. What did Crito want Socrates to do?
(a) Make peace with his relatives.
(b) Spend time with his family before his death.
(c) Appeal his sentence before it was too late.
(d) Attempt to escape from prison.

9. What happens to energy, according to the Pythagoreans?
(a) It is preserved and perpetuated.
(b) When an object is destroyed, so is the energy contained within it.
(c) It lasts for a finite amount of time.
(d) It is constantly created and destroyed.

10. Which is the longest of the four dialogues?
(a) The Phaedo.
(b) The Crito.
(c) The Apology.
(d) The Euthyphro.

11. Where did Socrates' dialogue with Crito take place?
(a) In the courtroom.
(b) In Crito's home.
(c) In the Athenian marketplace.
(d) In Socrates' prison cell.

12. Who is Crito?
(a) Socrates' son.
(b) Euthyphro's nephew.
(c) Meletus' cousin.
(d) Socrates' friend.

13. According to Socrates, what do mislogic and misanthropy have in common?
(a) A lack of self-confidence.
(b) Not exercising one's intellect.
(c) Not having enough social interactions.
(d) Unrealistic expectations.

14. What happened to Socrates after his trial?
(a) His method of execution was changed.
(b) His execution was delayed.
(c) He was caught and brought back to Athens.
(d) His sentence was commuted.

15. On what day does the "Phaedo" take place?
(a) Two days before Socrates' execution.
(b) The day of Socrates' trial.
(c) The day of Socrates' execution.
(d) A week after Socrates' execution.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Socrates executed?

2. Who was on Socrates' team in the debate at the end of Book 5, Chapter 2?

3. How did Socrates interpret his dream?

4. What is the reason, according to Socrates, for "mislogic"?

5. What is "mislogic", according to Socrates?

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