The Last Days of Socrates Character Descriptions

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This Athenian made both friends and enemies by talking to people, and questioning them, everywhere he went.


This person was the head instructor at the Academy.


This person mentored and taught Alexander the Great for two years, during Alexander's youth.

The King Archon

This person was a magistrate whose position included both religious and legal duties.


This person engages another main character in lengthy philosophical dialogues.

Hugh Tredennick

This person is a deceased English scholar who is credited with translating this edition of the Platonic dialogues.

Harold Tarrant

This person was an English scholar who, seeking an academic post in Greek and Classics, moved to Australia.


This person is the goddess of hunting and of wisdom.


This person raised the question of Socrates' wisdom to the oracle at Delphi.


This person was a Grecian god, associated with music and light.


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