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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Librarian wonder?
(a) What he is doing with the wizards.
(b) Why the bananas are all different.
(c) Where his is.
(d) Where the books are.

2. Who misses the metaphor about cause and effect?
(a) Egregious Professor.
(b) Stibbons.
(c) Ridcully.
(d) Rincewind.

3. What does Mrs. Whitlow unintentionally do?
(a) Find the Professor.
(b) Get lost.
(c) Stir up passion in the wizards.
(d) Use magic.

4. What are the senior faculty worried about?
(a) The grade averages.
(b) The government grants.
(c) The cost of tuition.
(d) The Librarian's health.

5. Outside the pub, who wakes Rincewind?
(a) Scrappy.
(b) Stibbons.
(c) Mad.
(d) Crocodile Dongo.

Short Answer Questions

1. What idea do the prudish elders reject?

2. What is Rincewind's former position?

3. Where does Mad believe water is found and why?

4. How will he know when he has been successful?

5. Who does Rincewind realize is stalking him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the elders have a hard time grasping about their situation when Stibbons explains how they have gone backward in time?

2. What is pursuing Rincewind and Mad and how does Mad manage to pull away from them?

3. What does Stibbons observe on Mono Island, and what conclusions does he draw from this observation?

4. What does Mad tell Rincewind?

5. What are the characteristics of most of the magicians and teachers of magic at the Unseen University, and who is the exception?

6. What is Rincewind the Wizzard's greatest difficulty?

7. What does the story of the Last Continent deal with?

8. Why does Mad not believe his grandfathers stories about rain?

9. How do the wizards become stranded on Mono Island?

10. What assertion is made about all tribal myths, including the one about the old man who carries the universe around in a leather bag, and what is that assertion dependent upon?

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