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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the huge reptile that stumbles out of the forest towards them?
(a) It turns into a chicken and is eaten.
(b) It eats Stibbons.
(c) It runs past them into the water.
(d) It chases the Egregious Professor into a tree.

2. What has turned dangerous while deprived of the Librarian?
(a) The students.
(b) The books.
(c) The plates.
(d) Stacks of writing paper.

3. What is the Last Continent going to deal with?
(a) The mystery of creation.
(b) The situation of global warming.
(c) The weight of the elephants.
(d) The longevity of the turtles.

4. Where does Mad take Rincewind?
(a) To Dijahavelunchbeforehacame.
(b) To Dijawannasitdown.
(c) To DijahappentoseeCharlie.
(d) To Dijabringabeeralong.

5. What makes Stibbons believe that they have gone back in time?
(a) Everyone appears younger to him.
(b) Evolution is less advanced.
(c) The star groupings appear where they should have been thousands of years ago.
(d) His watch isn't working correctly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who gives Rincewind a ride, and in what?

2. Where do they find the Egregious Professor's notebook?

3. What is the foremost school of magic?

4. What happens when Rincewind rejects further help?

5. What does the Librarian wonder?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the wizards find when they go looking for the Egregious Professor, and what is the outcome of this discovery?

2. What does Mad tell Rincewind?

3. What is the grandfather paradox and why don't the elders accept the basic principle?

4. What does the story of the Last Continent deal with?

5. What is pursuing Rincewind and Mad and how does Mad manage to pull away from them?

6. What is Rincewind surprised to see depicted, and what does Scrappy tell him?

7. What does Scrappy tell Rincewind about the continent they are on?

8. What is unusual about the graffiti that Rincewind sees everywhere?

9. What do the wizards manage to find in the way of food?

10. How do the wizards become stranded on Mono Island?

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