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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the God consider making to solve his problem?
(a) More thunder lizards to eat the intruders.
(b) A tornado.
(c) An elephant stampede.
(d) An earthquake/tsunami.

2. What does Ponder Stibbons suggest?
(a) That they retrieve Rincewind.
(b) That they hire a new Librarian.
(c) That they employ a magician.
(d) That they rewrite the history.

3. Where do the Wizards go?
(a) To the Unseen University.
(b) To the zoo.
(c) Into a cave.
(d) Through the window to the beach.

4. Where is Rincewind determined to go?
(a) Dongeroo to find a Hex machine.
(b) Bugarup to catch a boat home.
(c) Sugardown to find a wizard.
(d) Puddleup to find an old friend.

5. Where is the Unseen University?
(a) In the city of Enkh-Torpor.
(b) In the city of Ankh-Marpole.
(c) In the city of Ankh-Morpork.
(d) In the city of Inkh-Morbeef.

6. What has Rincewind's arrival done?
(a) Accelerated the destruction.
(b) Altered the past.
(c) Fixed the inconsistency.
(d) Upset the native population.

7. What becomes a small, omnipresent god while the wizards sleep?
(a) A patch of burning marsh.
(b) A small shrub.
(c) A sand turtle.
(d) An owl.

8. How was Rincewind sent there?
(a) By magic.
(b) By boat.
(c) By turtle.
(d) By train.

9. What does Mrs. Whitlow unintentionally do?
(a) Find the Professor.
(b) Use magic.
(c) Get lost.
(d) Stir up passion in the wizards.

10. What does Rincewind continue to find?
(a) Watering holes.
(b) Tasty food.
(c) Beaten paths.
(d) Caves to sleep in.

11. What does Scrappy tell Rincewind about the continent they are on?
(a) That it is self-destructing.
(b) That it is run by mammals.
(c) That it was made 30,000 years ago.
(d) That it is a copy of another.

12. How do the horses manage to pull away from those who were chasing them?
(a) Using nosebags called superchargers.
(b) By becoming invisible.
(c) By spreading black pepper behind them.
(d) With the use of magic.

13. What is Rincewind aghast to see depicted there?
(a) Himself.
(b) Stibbons.
(c) Luggage.
(d) The Egregious Professor.

14. In what is Rincewind completely inept?
(a) Socialization.
(b) Magic.
(c) Survival.
(d) Cooking.

15. What does the God decide to provide the wizards?
(a) A train.
(b) A boat.
(c) A wagon.
(d) A plane.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wanders into the jungle?

2. Where does Rincewind the Wizzard wake up?

3. Who are they being chased by?

4. Who does Rincewind find when he wakes up?

5. What makes Stibbons believe that they have gone back in time?

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