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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the wizards get their breakfast?
(a) Laying on a log.
(b) Growing on trees.
(c) Buried in the sand.
(d) Sitting on a raft.

2. What happens to the huge reptile that stumbles out of the forest towards them?
(a) It eats Stibbons.
(b) It runs past them into the water.
(c) It turns into a chicken and is eaten.
(d) It chases the Egregious Professor into a tree.

3. What is Stibbons fascinated with?
(a) Why most animals vary so greatly in evolution.
(b) Why most animals are so different.
(c) Why most animals conform to a few basic body plans.
(d) Why most animals are afraid of magic.

4. Who is put in charge of building a boat?
(a) The Dean.
(b) The Professor.
(c) Mrs. Whitlow.
(d) Stibbons.

5. What does the Senior Wrangler believe the Egregious Professor is doing?
(a) Looking for a new home.
(b) Experimenting with simple magic.
(c) Seeking a mate.
(d) Gathering information for a new book.

6. What has turned dangerous while deprived of the Librarian?
(a) The plates.
(b) The books.
(c) The students.
(d) Stacks of writing paper.

7. What idea do the prudish elders reject?
(a) That cloning is not the same as reproduction.
(b) That reproduction is a natural function.
(c) That even the Egregious Professor would want a mate.
(d) That it takes a male and a female in any species to reproduce.

8. What does Rincewind follow blindly?
(a) A message in a bottle.
(b) His instincts.
(c) A dream.
(d) A bird painting who steps out of a stone.

9. What makes Stibbons believe that they have gone back in time?
(a) Evolution is less advanced.
(b) His watch isn't working correctly.
(c) Everyone appears younger to him.
(d) The star groupings appear where they should have been thousands of years ago.

10. Who does Rincewind claim to have met while the world was being made?
(a) Scrappy's ancestors.
(b) Himself.
(c) The Creator.
(d) His own ancestors.

11. What does the old man with the leather bag order the Trickster to do?
(a) Trick Rincewind into getting lost.
(b) Show Rincewind the way home.
(c) Treat Rincewind like a hero.
(d) Treat Rincewind like a failure.

12. How old is the graffiti on the walls at the oasis?
(a) 40,000 years.
(b) 20,000 years.
(c) 30,000 years.
(d) 50,000 years.

13. Where does Mad believe water is found and why?
(a) Water is found only in dewdrops created by Gods.
(b) Only on the moon where it must be mined from.
(c) Water is found only in oceans where it belongs.
(d) Water is found only underground because it is heavy.

14. What is Rincewind aghast to see depicted there?
(a) Stibbons.
(b) Luggage.
(c) The Egregious Professor.
(d) Himself.

15. How does Discworld move through space?
(a) On the back of a crocodile.
(b) On the back of a turtle.
(c) On the back of a camel.
(d) On the back of a tiger.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is against the rules?

2. What does the God decide to provide the wizards?

3. Who is the head of the Unseen University?

4. What do the wizards build for Mrs. Whitlow?

5. Outside the pub, who wakes Rincewind?

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