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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do they find the Egregious Professor's notebook?
(a) On the bookshelf.
(b) On the desk in the office.
(c) On the bathmat.
(d) On Mono Island.

2. What does Rincewind continue to find?
(a) Watering holes.
(b) Beaten paths.
(c) Tasty food.
(d) Caves to sleep in.

3. Who offers Rincewind food?
(a) The kangaroo.
(b) A turtle.
(c) A disembodied voice.
(d) The aborigine's chief.

4. What happens to the huge reptile that stumbles out of the forest towards them?
(a) It turns into a chicken and is eaten.
(b) It runs past them into the water.
(c) It chases the Egregious Professor into a tree.
(d) It eats Stibbons.

5. What mistake does she make?
(a) She dislodges the window block.
(b) She forgets the snacks.
(c) She puts the note aside.
(d) She forgets the towels.

6. Outside the pub, who wakes Rincewind?
(a) Mad.
(b) Crocodile Dongo.
(c) Stibbons.
(d) Scrappy.

7. Who are the patrons in this bar?
(a) Ferrets and mice.
(b) Goats and crocodiles.
(c) Sheep and kangaroo like humans.
(d) Cats and dogs.

8. Who tells Rincewind he is being called to a quest?
(a) Slappy.
(b) Scrappy.
(c) Primpy.
(d) Peppy.

9. Where is the Unseen University?
(a) In the city of Ankh-Morpork.
(b) In the city of Inkh-Morbeef.
(c) In the city of Ankh-Marpole.
(d) In the city of Enkh-Torpor.

10. What is Stibbons fascinated with?
(a) Why most animals are so different.
(b) Why most animals vary so greatly in evolution.
(c) Why most animals conform to a few basic body plans.
(d) Why most animals are afraid of magic.

11. What does the Librarian wonder?
(a) Where the books are.
(b) What he is doing with the wizards.
(c) Why the bananas are all different.
(d) Where his is.

12. What frightens Rincewind?
(a) Quiet.
(b) Wind.
(c) Rain.
(d) Noises.

13. What is wreaking havoc in the outback?
(a) A strange clock.
(b) A strange sock.
(c) A strange box.
(d) A strange fox.

14. What does Ridcully leave on the window?
(a) A note asking it be left open.
(b) A map.
(c) A business card.
(d) A drawing of them going through the window.

15. What does his Ooks try to make him understand?
(a) That his taste is off.
(b) That they are all the same.
(c) That there is only one of every species.
(d) That he is imagining things.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the wizards get their breakfast?

2. Where does Mad take Rincewind?

3. Where do the Wizards go?

4. What becomes a small, omnipresent god while the wizards sleep?

5. What is Rincewind's former position?

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