Objects & Places from The Last Child

John Hart
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Vicodin - This prescription opiate pain killer is ubiquitous in this "The Last Child".

Police station - This is where Detective Hunt, his partner Yoakum, the police chief and all the other officers spend the majority of their time.

Motorcycle - David Wilson is riding this vehicle when he collides with another vehicle on a bridge and it follows him over the side in its downward plunge to the riverbank.

North Carolina sand hills - The central action of the story occurs in a small town in this region.

Alligator River Raptor Preserve - This is where Johnny Merrimon goes in search of an eagle's feather, an important talisman to give him strength since the departure of his father and abduction of his sister, Alyssa.

Department of Social Services - This is the state agency charged with child welfare.

Guns - These weapons play an important part...

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