The Last Child Character Descriptions

John Hart
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Johnny Merrimon

He is obsessed with finding out the fate of his missing sister.

Clyde Lafayette Hunt

He is the spearhead of the local police department's investigation into multiple child abductions.

Ken Holloway

He is a violent drug abuser and also a predator, pure and simple.

Levi Freemantle

He is a 300-pound black man, former prison inmate, and slow-witted misfit who continuously talks and listens to God.

Uncle Steve

He is a friend of the Merrimons and a security guard who has a romantic attraction to Katherine.

David Wilson

He is a professorial-looking man who is a college professor and recreational motorcyclist killed in a collision with a car on a bridge.

Officer Laura Taylor

She is a no-nonsense cop who exhibits a hard edge on the job.

Officer John Yoakum

He is 63-year-old with thinning brown hair and a goatee shot with gray, thin but very fit...

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