The Last Child Character Descriptions

John Hart
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Johnny Merrimon

This character is the main protagonist in the novel. He is a 13-year-old boy who lives with his mother. He has been obsessed with finding out the fate of his younger sister who went missing after supposedly being pulled into a van. His father, apparently stricken by grief, supposedly abandoned the family—although he is later revealed to have been murdered.

Clyde Lafayette Hunt

This character is the spearhead of the local police department's investigation into multiple child abductions. He looks out for the protagonist and his mother and expresses concern about the protagonist’s home life.

Katherine Merrimon

This character is the protagonist's alcohol and drug-abusing mother. Since the abduction of her daughter and the abandonment of her husband, she has fallen into a downward spiral, using and abusing a number of prescription drugs and alcohol.

Jack Cross

This character is the protagonist’s best...

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