The Last Child Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Hart
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Chapters 1-7

• NOTE: The following version of the book was used to make this Lesson Plan: Hart, John. The Last Child. St. Martin’s Press, 2009.

• The narrative of The Last Child is related from the perspective of an omniscient, third-person narrator.

• In the Prologue, the narrator’s perspective focuses on the point of view of a bus driver as he observes a shabby boy riding his bus and an older, seedy-looking man who is watching the boy.

• As the driver watches, the boy, described as looking barely ten despite the fact that he’s 13, takes out a knife, cuts up and apple and eats it, and then returns the knife to his pocket.

• The boy gets off the bus at a lonely gas station, buys a soda, and then walks down a dusty road for three miles until the road diminishes; he stops at a place with a...

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