The Last Child Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Hart
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Chapters 1-7

• Because of the abduction of his twin sister Alyssa, abandonment by his father Spencer, and his mother Katherine's addictive relationship with the despicable Ken Holloway, Johnny Merrimon is a hyper-vigilant thirteen-year-old who double-checks locks on the doors, drinks and skips school, and distrusts adults.

• Johnny is haunted by memories of his family's life together before these losses, determined to find out what has happened to his sister and to collar the responsible person.

• Whenever old family friend Detective Hunt cruises by the Merrimons' house, which is often, Johnny blows him off with a cover story, telling him, "I'm good...hanging in," despite the horrors of his daily life.

• Johnny hangs out with his only friend, Jack, who is the delinquent son of a cop.
• Johnny awakens to discover a collection of Vicodin bottles in the bathroom.

• Johnny wistfully looks at photos of his father and sister...

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