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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Petreius attack Catiline after his initial attack?
(a) Across the entire front.
(b) On the left wing and in the rear.
(c) On the left and right wings.
(d) Down the center.

2. When did greed take over society, according to Sallust?
(a) When the prince's died in battle.
(b) When the empire became too big.
(c) When Catiline took over.
(d) When the empire was too old.

3. What does Petreius do after Catiline starts to attack?
(a) He does nothing but contine as he was.
(b) Calls for Catiline's surrender.
(c) Sends in an assassin for Catiline.
(d) Changes his strategy.

4. What does Catiline plan to do with Cneuis Piso?
(a) He plans to have him marry his daughter.
(b) He plans for him to be Vice Consul.
(c) He plans to assassinate him.
(d) He plans for him to take over the two Spains.

5. What does Catiline promise the people in question #55 if they help him?
(a) Total freedom from Rome.
(b) More land for their nation.
(c) Their country being free of debt.
(d) Gold and riches.

6. What does he tell his followers to carry at all times?
(a) Carrier pigeons.
(b) Food and water.
(c) Weapons.
(d) Letters from him.

7. What does the rumors of an army coming to Rome do in the city?
(a) Spread panic.
(b) Make the citizens arm themselves.
(c) Nothing.
(d) Cause hoarding and riots.

8. Where does Catiline send his best men?
(a) To Russia.
(b) To China.
(c) To Rome.
(d) Various parts of Europe.

9. What does Cicero ask the Allobroges to do?
(a) Join his army.
(b) Arrange a meeting between him and the conspirators.
(c) Play along with Catiline.
(d) Go join Antonio.

10. What does Catiline do to attract people to his cause?
(a) Promise them a position in his government.
(b) Give them land.
(c) Promise them to listen to what they want.
(d) Buy them gifts and send them mistresses.

11. Why was the early Roman society morally sound?
(a) An oppressive government.
(b) A repressive religion.
(c) It was healthier.
(d) Natural inclination.

12. Where is Lucuis Tarquinious arrested?
(a) When he comes out of his house that morning.
(b) At the city gates.
(c) When he is at the public baths.
(d) On his way to Catiline.

13. What is Manilos doing in Etrupia?
(a) Raising food for an army.
(b) Assassinating the officials there.
(c) Getting the poor people on Catiline's side.
(d) Governing the district.

14. What does Cicero do with the conspirators he has in custody?
(a) Takes them to the Roman Court.
(b) Takes them to Antonio.
(c) Takes them to the Senate.
(d) Has them killed.

15. What do the conspirators do when they hear Catiline plans to burn the city?
(a) Switch their support to Cicero.
(b) Kill Catiline.
(c) Tell the Senate what he is doing.
(d) Leaves the city immediately.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Catiline prepare his soldiers for battle?

2. What does Sallust say the prince's way of life promoted?

3. How do the people in question #55 respond to Catiline?

4. Into what type of family was Catiline born?

5. What does the Senate do about Catiline after Catulus reads a letter from him?

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