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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the enemies of Catiline's army?
(a) Surrounding him on two sides.
(b) He is completely encircled by his enemies.
(c) Coming up on his right flank.
(d) Too far to stop him from leaving.

2. Who is marching towards Catiline and his army?
(a) Metellius Kato.
(b) Antonio.
(c) Cicero.
(d) Lucius.

3. What did Lucius Sylla to with the army?
(a) Disciplined it radically.
(b) Downsized it.
(c) Over indulged the soldiers.
(d) Made it too big.

4. What is Catiline doing that is akin to revolution, according to Sallust?
(a) Taking from the wealthy and giving to the poor.
(b) Killing off important people.
(c) Getting criminals, youngsters and the poor on his side.
(d) Arming the masses.

5. What surprises Petreius about Catiline's attack?
(a) How tactically correct it is.
(b) How aggressive it is.
(c) He is not surprised by anything in Catiline's attack.
(d) How weak it is.

6. How does Catiline finally die?
(a) He dies of old age.
(b) He is killed fighting on the front.
(c) He is killed by Achilles.
(d) He kills himself.

7. What do the conspirators do when they hear Catiline plans to burn the city?
(a) Kill Catiline.
(b) Leaves the city immediately.
(c) Tell the Senate what he is doing.
(d) Switch their support to Cicero.

8. Why is there a public voting for another consul?
(a) The higher consuls were upset about the war.
(b) Cicero found out about the meeting.
(c) Curius tells his girlfriend about the meeting.
(d) Some of the people were horrified about drinking human blood.

9. What does the rumors of an army coming to Rome do in the city?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Cause hoarding and riots.
(c) Spread panic.
(d) Make the citizens arm themselves.

10. What does Cicero decide to do about what he knows?
(a) Send out assassins.
(b) Raise an army.
(c) Go to the Senate.
(d) Go to Africa until it blows over.

11. What does Cicero do with the conspirators he has in custody?
(a) Has them killed.
(b) Takes them to Antonio.
(c) Takes them to the Senate.
(d) Takes them to the Roman Court.

12. What does he tell his followers to carry at all times?
(a) Weapons.
(b) Letters from him.
(c) Carrier pigeons.
(d) Food and water.

13. What does Catiline do after he leaves the Senate?
(a) Go to Spain.
(b) Go see his wife.
(c) Begin to raise an army in Rome.
(d) Go to Manilus.

14. Why did Catiline kill his son?
(a) He didn't know it was his son.
(b) His son killed his wife.
(c) His son tried to kill him.
(d) On the demand of his girlfriend.

15. What does Catiline mix for his followers to drink?
(a) Tea and sugar.
(b) Wine and human blood.
(c) Beer and water.
(d) Wine and water.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Sallust say Piso treated harshly?

2. What does Sallust say allowed Catiline to increase his power?

3. How did Catiline's constituency end up the way it did?

4. According to Sallust, why did men join the army in the early days of Rome?

5. What type of people in general, did Sallust say the army had?

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