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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Volturcius arrested?
(a) At the end of the Milvian Bridge.
(b) In the camp of the Allobroges.
(c) At the Senate.
(d) Outside the city gate.

2. What troops does the Senate send out?
(a) Antonio and his troops.
(b) Cicero and his troops.
(c) Octavio and his troops.
(d) The Senate guard.

3. What does Catiline do when he realizes he is overpowered?
(a) He surrenders his army.
(b) He kills himself.
(c) He charges to the front.
(d) He slips away to France.

4. With what does Sallust say his ancestors built great empires?
(a) With intellect.
(b) With brute strength and intellect.
(c) With a desire to control people.
(d) With brute strength.

5. What does Petreius do after Catiline starts to attack?
(a) Calls for Catiline's surrender.
(b) He does nothing but contine as he was.
(c) Changes his strategy.
(d) Sends in an assassin for Catiline.

6. What does Catiline say he will do if he is head of the government?
(a) Lower taxes.
(b) End slavery.
(c) Create a new empire.
(d) End debt and the greed of the wealthy.

7. What does Sallust say is the result of people wanting their own merits celebrated rather then to record others' merits?
(a) Romans do not have great literature.
(b) Celebrities were more imporatant than leaders.
(c) The society became weaker.
(d) People began fighting for recognition.

8. What does the Senate do about Catiline after Catulus reads a letter from him?
(a) Arrest his wife and children.
(b) Call him in for elections.
(c) Declare him an enemy of the state.
(d) Arrest him and hang him.

9. What does he tell his followers to carry at all times?
(a) Food and water.
(b) Weapons.
(c) Carrier pigeons.
(d) Letters from him.

10. Where does Catiline tell the Senate he is going because of the accusations against him?
(a) Istanbul.
(b) Spain.
(c) France.
(d) Africa.

11. Where does Catiline send his best men?
(a) To Russia.
(b) To Rome.
(c) To China.
(d) Various parts of Europe.

12. What does Cathegus think is the best way to forward the conspiracy?
(a) Immediate action.
(b) Kill the entire Senate.
(c) Work covertly behind the scenes.
(d) Follow Catiline to France.

13. What punishment does Cato argue for the conspirators?
(a) Being blinded.
(b) Life imprisonment.
(c) Execution.
(d) Exile.

14. What does Catiline plan to do about Cicero?
(a) Enlist him in his cause.
(b) Exile him.
(c) Make him an advisor.
(d) Assassinate him.

15. Why did Catiline kill his son?
(a) On the demand of his girlfriend.
(b) His son tried to kill him.
(c) His son killed his wife.
(d) He didn't know it was his son.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Catiline promise the people in question #55 if they help him?

2. What do the people in question #55 do after Catiline leaves them?

3. What does Cicero ask the Allobroges to do?

4. Where does Cicero work?

5. How did Catiline's constituency end up the way it did?

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