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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the men who have been arrested by the Senate when they are taken from the Senate?
(a) They are exiled.
(b) Some are set free, some are hanged.
(c) They are imprisoned.
(d) They are strangled.

2. What does Catiline plan to do about Cicero?
(a) Exile him.
(b) Make him an advisor.
(c) Assassinate him.
(d) Enlist him in his cause.

3. What does Cato say about the fate of the traitors?
(a) They should be imprisoned.
(b) They should be exiled.
(c) They should have to swear an oath of allegiance.
(d) They should be executed.

4. What does Catiline say he will do if he is head of the government?
(a) Create a new empire.
(b) End slavery.
(c) End debt and the greed of the wealthy.
(d) Lower taxes.

5. What is Manilos doing in Etrupia?
(a) Governing the district.
(b) Getting the poor people on Catiline's side.
(c) Assassinating the officials there.
(d) Raising food for an army.

6. What do the conspirators do when they hear Catiline plans to burn the city?
(a) Switch their support to Cicero.
(b) Leaves the city immediately.
(c) Kill Catiline.
(d) Tell the Senate what he is doing.

7. Why did Catiline kill his son?
(a) His son killed his wife.
(b) He didn't know it was his son.
(c) His son tried to kill him.
(d) On the demand of his girlfriend.

8. When does Antonio declare his injury?
(a) During the battle.
(b) Never.
(c) After the battle.
(d) Before the battle.

9. What does he tell his followers to carry at all times?
(a) Letters from him.
(b) Food and water.
(c) Carrier pigeons.
(d) Weapons.

10. What does Sallust say allowed Catiline to increase his power?
(a) A government that was too large.
(b) A corrupt society.
(d) An uneducated public.

11. Where are the enemies of Catiline's army?
(a) Coming up on his right flank.
(b) Surrounding him on two sides.
(c) Too far to stop him from leaving.
(d) He is completely encircled by his enemies.

12. Who does Sallust say Piso treated harshly?
(a) Catiline.
(b) The Spanish.
(c) Cicero.
(d) The Barbarians.

13. Where does Petreius attack Catiline after his initial attack?
(a) Across the entire front.
(b) Down the center.
(c) On the left and right wings.
(d) On the left wing and in the rear.

14. What does Catiline do after he leaves the Senate?
(a) Go to Spain.
(b) Begin to raise an army in Rome.
(c) Go to Manilus.
(d) Go see his wife.

15. What does Catiline think is the best way to advance one's ambitions?
(a) By conspiracy.
(b) By assimilation.
(c) Through war.
(d) By elections.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sallust say is the result of people wanting their own merits celebrated rather then to record others' merits?

2. What does Sallust think a reader of history believes?

3. What troops does the Senate send out?

4. What does Catiline do to attract people to his cause?

5. How does Petreius motivate soldiers?

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