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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does he tell his followers to carry at all times?
(a) Letters from him.
(b) Weapons.
(c) Food and water.
(d) Carrier pigeons.

2. What does Sallust say is one of the main differences between Catiline and Cicero?
(a) Cicero was full of passion and brutality.
(b) Cicero was calm and intellectual.
(c) Catiline knew how to delegate tasks.
(d) Catiline was calm and intellectual.

3. Why did Catiline kill his son?
(a) On the demand of his girlfriend.
(b) His son tried to kill him.
(c) His son killed his wife.
(d) He didn't know it was his son.

4. What do Catiline's followers plan to do with the man in question #59?
(a) Exile him.
(b) Kill him.
(c) Convert him to their cause.
(d) Kidnap him.

5. Why did the government become unsupportable?
(a) The government became too big.
(b) Society morals disintegrated.
(c) The civilization became too big.
(d) Belief in God died.

6. What does Cathegus think is the best way to forward the conspiracy?
(a) Kill the entire Senate.
(b) Follow Catiline to France.
(c) Work covertly behind the scenes.
(d) Immediate action.

7. What does Cato say about the fate of the traitors?
(a) They should be exiled.
(b) They should be imprisoned.
(c) They should have to swear an oath of allegiance.
(d) They should be executed.

8. Where does Catiline tell the Senate he is going because of the accusations against him?
(a) Spain.
(b) Istanbul.
(c) France.
(d) Africa.

9. What did Lucius Sylla to with the army?
(a) Downsized it.
(b) Over indulged the soldiers.
(c) Made it too big.
(d) Disciplined it radically.

10. What happened with Catiline's constituency?
(a) They became very wealthy.
(b) They were ignored by others.
(c) They became power hungry.
(d) They were starving.

11. What does Catiline begins to attract to his side?
(a) Libertines.
(b) Older people.
(c) The Spanish.
(d) Women.

12. What does Catiline do when he realizes he is overpowered?
(a) He charges to the front.
(b) He surrenders his army.
(c) He kills himself.
(d) He slips away to France.

13. How does the Senate decide Crassus' guilt?
(a) By following his movements for a week.
(b) By torture.
(c) With a trial.
(d) With a vote.

14. Who does Sallust say Piso treated harshly?
(a) The Spanish.
(b) Catiline.
(c) Cicero.
(d) The Barbarians.

15. Where is Lucuis Tarquinious arrested?
(a) At the city gates.
(b) When he is at the public baths.
(c) When he comes out of his house that morning.
(d) On his way to Catiline.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Petreius do after Catiline starts to attack?

2. Where does Petreius attack Catiline after his initial attack?

3. What does Cicero decide to do about what he knows?

4. What happens to Cneuis Piso?

5. Who is marching towards Catiline and his army?

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