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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jugurtha easily bribe members of government?
(a) His father was so well known.
(b) The lack of living wages for government workers.
(c) The overall poor economy.
(d) The moral decline in Roman society.

2. For what does Sallust say the mind is needed in war?
(a) To keep the belief in the cause strong.
(b) To know if a war needs to be fought.
(c) To understand the enemy.
(d) For planning.

3. What does the Senate do about Catiline after Catulus reads a letter from him?
(a) Arrest him and hang him.
(b) Call him in for elections.
(c) Arrest his wife and children.
(d) Declare him an enemy of the state.

4. What does Cicero ask the Allobroges to do?
(a) Play along with Catiline.
(b) Go join Antonio.
(c) Join his army.
(d) Arrange a meeting between him and the conspirators.

5. Where does Catiline send his best men?
(a) Various parts of Europe.
(b) To China.
(c) To Russia.
(d) To Rome.

6. What did Lucius Sylla to with the army?
(a) Downsized it.
(b) Made it too big.
(c) Over indulged the soldiers.
(d) Disciplined it radically.

7. What does Catiline do after he leaves the Senate?
(a) Go see his wife.
(b) Go to Manilus.
(c) Go to Spain.
(d) Begin to raise an army in Rome.

8. What type of debate does the Senate have over the men Cicero arrests?
(a) Whether they are guilty.
(b) Whether they should be exiled.
(c) Whether to execute them.
(d) How much they know.

9. Where are the enemies of Catiline's army?
(a) Too far to stop him from leaving.
(b) He is completely encircled by his enemies.
(c) Coming up on his right flank.
(d) Surrounding him on two sides.

10. With whom does Quintus Curius have a relationship?
(a) Shaphia.
(b) Fulvia.
(c) Sieria.
(d) Penelope.

11. How does Sallust feel about the answer to question #35?
(a) Anger.
(b) Depression.
(c) Sadness.
(d) Begrudging respect.

12. What does Sallust say is one of the main differences between Catiline and Cicero?
(a) Catiline knew how to delegate tasks.
(b) Cicero was calm and intellectual.
(c) Catiline was calm and intellectual.
(d) Cicero was full of passion and brutality.

13. Why did Catiline kill his son?
(a) His son killed his wife.
(b) His son tried to kill him.
(c) On the demand of his girlfriend.
(d) He didn't know it was his son.

14. What troops does the Senate send out?
(a) Antonio and his troops.
(b) Cicero and his troops.
(c) Octavio and his troops.
(d) The Senate guard.

15. What does Antonio do before the battle with Catiline?
(a) Give a speech to the soldiers.
(b) Meet with his commanders.
(c) Hand command over to Petreius.
(d) Take a nap.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Petreius do after Catiline starts to attack?

2. What does Catiline think is the best way to advance one's ambitions?

3. What does Catiline do when he hears about his men being killed?

4. Why did Sallust become a writer?

5. To whom does Catiline go for allies?

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