Daily Lessons for Teaching The Jugurthine War

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Lesson 1 (from The Conspiriacy of Caitiline I-XII)


The Jugurthin War takes place between 112 to 63 B.C. in the Roman Empire and Numidia. The objective of this lesson is to look at setting.


1. Homework. Students will rewrite the basic plot of The Jugurthine War and set it in another century, explaining how the different setting changes the work.

2. Class discussion. Could this book had been set anywhere? How does the setting make this a unique story? How do the people in the present differ from the people in the Roman Empire? How did the setting affect the people? The themes? Why is the setting important?

3. Group work. In groups students will research a setting that might be similar and discuss the ways in which Catiline or Jugurtha's lives would have been different set in another time or place.

4. Class work. Students will write a short paper on how the town in which they...

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