The Jugurthine War Character Descriptions

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Lucius Catiline

He is a politician and the force behind the Catiline conspiracy.


He is an illegitimate child, as his father is an African prince and his mother a concubine.


He is Caitline's main enemy. The Roman's elect him as a consular in preference to Catiline.

Marcius Porcius Cato

His worthy speech in front of the senate leads to the execution of the conspirators.


He is the leader of Catiline's army.


He, along with Cicero, is one of the two Roman consuls in power when Catiline is defeated.

Quintus Curius

He is originally one of Catiline's conspirators. However, he disagrees with Catiline's decision to burn Rome and ends up becoming an informer.


Cicero's men capture this man on his way back from meeting the Gauls and force a confession from him.

Marcus Petreius

Antonio hands over his command to him when he claims...

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