The Golden State Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Lydia Kiesling
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1. Who wrote the epigram for The Golden State, “Home is so sad” (1)?

Philip Larkin.

2. What is the countryside Daphne is remembering as the novel opens?


3. What kind of house does Daphne have in Altavista?

Double-wide trailer.

4. For how many generations has the house been in Daphne’s family?


5. What time is it when Daphne walks out of work?

10 a.m.

6. How old is Daphne’s daughter?

16 months.

7. What was it that caused Daphne to sob for 30 seconds before leaving the house?

Getting Honey dressed.

8. What does Daphne say her husband accuses her of doing when she cries?

Changing the topic.

9. What do apotropaics do?

Ward off fear.

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