Objects & Places from The Golden State

Lydia Kiesling
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San Francisco

This is the American city where the main character works for the XX Institute for Islamic Studies.

Golden Spike

This is a restaurant in Altavista where Daphne treats herself and Honey to expensive ribeye dinners.


This is the city in Turkey where Engin lives with his family while he is prevented from coming to the U.S.

Sal’s Café

This is a place Daphne goes in order to find wifi signal, and it is here that she meets and strikes up a friendship with a fellow traveler who is on their way to an old WWII work camp.

San Francisco International Airport

This is the place where one of the characters loses a green card to Department of Homeland Security officers who lie.

Green Card

This document gives bureaucratic permission to be in the U.S., and one character loses this through illegal coercion...

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