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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Machiavelli consider necessary to take control over a Republic to install a bad form of government over it?
(a) Leaders who are irresolute in their decisions.
(b) Bad administrators.
(c) People corrupted by the times.
(d) Bad Captains.

2. What, according to Machiavelli, did Epaminondas the Theban claim was most necessary and useful for a Captain?
(a) To know the decisions and proceedings of the enemy.
(b) To have new weapons.
(c) To use new tactics.
(d) To fight in the open.

3. Why does Machiavelli consider the public a better judge than Princes for who should occupy public offices.
(a) Because the public is guided by what others say of a candidate beyond publicly known acts.
(b) Because the public is swayed by true Nobility.
(c) Because Princes are too easily distracted by women.
(d) Because Princes play favorites.

4. What are the two things that give an army confidence according to Machiavelli?
(a) Tactics and technology.
(b) That it is well armed and organized and each man should know the other.
(c) Victory and technology.
(d) Deception and strength.

5. What was the difference between the tactics of the two Roman Consuls Machiavelli used as an example?
(a) Decius used surprise and Octavius used infantry.
(b) Decius attacked with all his strength, Fabius used slow assault.
(c) Claudius used deception and Brutus used conspiracy.
(d) Fabius used artillery and Junius used cavlary.

6. What does Machiavelli write will prevent a bad Citizen from working evil in a Republic?
(a) General disregard for their reputation.
(b) The government taking steps to temporize the bad Citizen.
(c) Conspiracy against the bad Citizen.
(d) The absence of corruption.

7. Why does Machiavelli advise Captains to use new things at the time that he does?
(a) Because training is the best time to determine their use.
(b) Because the enemy won't see them in camp.
(c) Because the new technology requires different tactics.
(d) To give courage to his enemies and take it from enemies.

8. For what reason does Machiavelli advise people in power to, "...lay aside personal hatred?"
(a) For the good of the country.
(b) To build good families.
(c) To serve the freedom of the Self.
(d) To prepare for war.

9. Who were the two Roman Consuls whose tactics Machiavelli compares as an example of how Princes can take what belongs to another?
(a) Decius and Octavius.
(b) Decius and Fabius.
(c) Claudius and Brutus.
(d) Fabius and Junius.

10. What are Machiavelli's two thoughts on fortresses?
(a) They are not necessary and harmful.
(b) They build confidence and demonstrate power.
(c) They are costly and hard to maintain.
(d) They are important for protection and wise for storing armaments.

11. What has Machiavelli considered many times to be the causes of good and bad fortunes to men?
(a) Decisions for military tactics.
(b) Their choice of friends.
(c) Their manner of proceeding with the times.
(d) Enemies knowing their plans.

12. What does Machiavelli believe is the only consideration to be made when the defense of a country is at stake?
(a) To hide inside the City or escape to the open field.
(b) To avoid combat or strike immediately.
(c) To live free or die.
(d) That the life of the country is safe and its liberty is maintained.

13. What does Machiavelli predict will come of corrupted Republics if they do not take the important step of extending its life?
(a) They will fall victim to a Tyrant.
(b) The corruption will kill the body.
(c) They will become ineffective and subject to the rule of a stronger Republic.
(d) They will break apart into new Republics

14. Of what is Machiavelli critical regarding the military tactics of his day?
(a) They avoid frontal assault.
(b) They rely on Artillery too much.
(c) That they do not employ the tactics of ancient Rome.
(d) They do not employ Cavalry to its fullest potential.

15. What does Machiavelli claim comes to those Republics that are changed through the general public?
(a) New elections will be controlled by the general public.
(b) The public will appoint inept leaders and it will fall.
(c) The Republic will break apart and be at war with its separate pieces.
(d) Only the head of the Republic will be harmed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What phrase could summarize what Livius' details as qualifications for an effective Captain.

2. What does Machiavelli consider to be necessary when restoring a Republic from a Tyranny?

3. What is the proverb that Machiavelli reports the Samnites used on the Tuscans to encourage them to make war on the Roman Empire?

4. What does Machiavelli claim that prudent men usually say?

5. What does Machiavelli cite as Aristotle's three causes of ruin women bring on tyrants.

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