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MIchael Korda's Power: How to get it, how to use it

Michael Korda wrote a book in 1975 titled "Power: How to get it, how to use it". Read the book and compare it to "The Discourses". In your review, discuss what effects Korda's recommendations have had.

Modern Machiavellis

Find three political figures from the last 50 years who could be considered modern Machiavellis. Show how their actions reflect language from "The Discourses".

Machiavelli and the Jacobins

The Jacobins from the French Revolution were considered Machiavellian in their practices. Research the Jacobins. Why were they considered Machiavellian? What influence did they have on the French Revolution? Are there any political figures who are considered to be "modern Jacobins"?

Create a Machiavellian Government

Take major points from "The Discourses" that define power and positions in government and design a government using his recommendations.

Praising/insulting an enemy

Take positions as a...

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