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Niccolo Machiavelli

This person was a well-known Italian statesman, writer, philosophy, diplomat and political scientist and is most well-known for writing "The Prince", which was composed in 1513 and published after his death in 1532. His name is synonymous with wily and deceptive politicking.

The Roman Empire/Republic

"The Discourses" is ostensibly a commentary on Titus Livius's history of this ancient civilization formed in 509 B.C. and continued for over 450 years. It was the basis for a wide range of modern governments.

The Republic

"The Discourses" is focused on advising members of this system on how to govern.

The Prince

The function of this book is to comment on monarchical rulers of city states.

The Citizen of a Republic

When operating together, these people are often wiser than their rulers. The Discourses often stresses their wisdom but also advises rulers how to manage them.


Most of Book Two is...

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