The Dead Zone Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is Stillson's job in this section?

Greg Stillson travels throughout the Midwest selling Bibles for the American TruthWay Bible Company. At 22 years old, Stillson is already an entrepreneur, making more money selling his own paperbacks than his company's Bibles.

2. How does Stillson kill the farm's dog?

A large, mean dog greets Stillson outside a farmhouse. Stillson runs back to his car and locks himself in, but instead of driving away, he decides to shoot at the dog with a Flit gun loaded with ammonia. Stillson shoots the dog in the face and when it retaliates he kills it.

3. How does Johnny win $500 in this section?

A carnival barker convinces Johnny to spin the Wheel of Fortune. Johnny has an amazing streak of luck, which turns out to be a psychic incident. At the end of the evening Johnny he has won more than $500.

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