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Prologue, Part 1: Chapters 1-4

• It is January 1953 and six-year-old Johnny Smith plays on the ice. He is learning to skate backwards when an older boy collides with him. John's smashes his head on the ice and loses consciousness.

• When the young Johnny wakes up, he rambles incoherently about an accident. The accident later happens, but no one remembers Johnny was the one who predicted it.
• It is the summer of 1955 and 22-year-old Greg Stillson travels through the Midwest selling Bibles. He is already a great entrepreneur, making extra money selling his own paperbacks.

• One day, Stillson is approaching a farmhouse when a dog attacks him. Stillson shoots the dog in the face and then kicks it to death.
• Johnny Smith goes on a Halloween date with Sarah Bracknell to the local carnival. Sarah says she likes Johnny because he is not violent like her previous boyfriends.

• Johnny and...

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