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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Los Angeles Against the Mountains.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does "City Flow" do in Heimaey?
(a) Moves lava streams away from the town.
(b) Kills twenty-nine workers.
(c) Melts the moving mountain.
(d) Crushes houses in its path.

2. What do doctors dispense to workers who are cooling down the lava in Iceland to soothe their hoarse throats?
(a) Icelandic throat lozenges.
(b) Swedish chest lozenges.
(c) Finnish cough drops.
(d) Norwegian chest drops.

3. The livelihood of approximately how many people is affected by the Old River Control?
(a) 3 thousand.
(b) 3 million.
(c) 13 hundred.
(d) 31 thousand.

4. What is commonly fished from the bayou regions around the Atchafalaya?
(a) Salmon.
(b) Lobster.
(c) Trout.
(d) Crawfish.

5. When the author asks several individuals why people buy homes in dangerous areas of Southern California, one of the answers he receives is that:
(a) Newcomers are willing to put their lives in danger for the opportunity to live there.
(b) People are naive and ignorant, and they choose to live in denial.
(c) New home buyers don't know the history of the area.
(d) There are dangers anywhere people live.

Short Answer Questions

1. Heimaey is about the same size as:

2. A towboat is designed to:

3. In the mountains of Southern California, brush fires ignite by:

4. On January 23, 1973, the five thousand residents of Heimaey, the only populated island of Vestmannaeyjar, are threatened by what?

5. In the 1800s, swamps in Louisiana are drained and used as what?

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