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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Atchafalaya.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Major General Thomas Sands do each year on the Mississippi in late summer or early fall?
(a) Trains new U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recruits.
(b) Takes a Low Water Inspection Trip.
(c) Conducts Homeland Security military exercises.
(d) Hosts the Water Recreation Festival.

2. What is a weir?
(a) Large lock.
(b) Large gate.
(c) Small dam.
(d) Small tugboat.

3. The author notes that many regard the Old River Project as what?
(a) A worthwhile endeavor.
(b) An arrogant enterprise.
(c) A colossal expense.
(d) A remarkable feat of engineering.

4. What are residents of French Acadia called?
(a) Francadians.
(b) Cajuns.
(c) Arcadians.
(d) Mississipiuns.

5. Every thousand years or so, the Mississippi River goes through a major shift that leaves behind what?
(a) Bayous and natural levees.
(b) Large, deep saltwater lakes.
(c) Dry mudflats.
(d) Stranded bird colonies.

Short Answer Questions

1. The author states that how much of New Orleans lies fifteen feet below sea level?

2. During the fifty years between New Orleans' floods of 1735 and 1785, what does the author say brings a false sense of security against flooding?

3. In feet, how long is the towboat Mississippi?

4. Throughout the book, a predominant theme is that the following gets in the way of man's plans:

5. When floodwaters cover twenty-six thousand square miles in 1927, how is New Orleans saved?

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