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Laurie Garrett
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the Institute of Medicine convened a panel to discuss the severity of a microbial threat to United States citizens, many critics believed that many emerging diseases were not __________, according to the author in the Introduction?

2. Where did Uwe Brinkmann go after being released from a holding facility in Chapter 4?

3. According to the author in Chapter 6: "American Bicentennial," the CDC was being berated since how many elderly individuals died following their vaccinations for swine flu?

4. In what year was Karl Johnson in Panama when his friend, Ron MacKenzie, headed to Bolivia to investigate a disease, as described in Chapter 1: "Machupo"?

5. Where did Ron MacKenzie return after taking blood samples in Bolivia in Chapter 1: "Machupo"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What led to the infection of Karl Johnson and Ron MacKenzie? Who saved them and how?

2. With whom did Karl Johnson work to develop a safety measure for the doctors in Bolivia in Chapter 1: "Machupo"? What was found in San Joaquin?

3. What did Karl Johnson's team discover to be the source of Bolivian hemorrhagic fever? What was done to eradicate the disease?

4. How was Lily Pinneo exposed to the Lassa virus? Where was she sent after being infected?

5. What viruses made impacts in the United States, according to the author in Chapter 6: "American Bicentennial"? When did they occur?

6. What is the central focus of The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance? What is the author's message to the reader as established in the Preface and Introduction?

7. How is the author Laurie Garrett described in the book's introduction and bio? Where did Garrett study? What are common themes in her works?

8. What led to the death of Dr. Troup? Where was the source of the virus determined to be from?

9. How does the author describe the AIDS epidemic in the book's Introduction? What measures were taken to monitor the disease?

10. In Chapter 2, how does author Laurie Garrett describe the evolution of healthcare following the introduction of antibiotics?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the history of the World Bank and its involvement in lending for modernization in underdeveloped nations. What were the impacts of these developments? What obstacles did Joe McCormick encounter in his work in Africa with the Lassa virus? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and discuss the history of plagues and their correlation to urban development. Why does the author assert that urbanization relates directly to the spread of disease? Also discuss the differences in pandemics and epidemics in Western Europe and the Americas versus those in Africa, India, and Asia. In what ways have plagues affected these civilizations differently?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze and discuss the yellow fever epidemic in the 1970s and Joe McCormick's work in Brazil. How had the bacteria developed resistance to antibiotics and when was a vaccine finally developed? Why was spread of the disease possible in the US but less possible in South America?

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