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Short Answer Questions

1. Whose secretary is Buergel?

2. Why does K. go to see Barnabas in Chapter XV?

3. Who was the first letter that Barnabas delivered sent to?

4. Why does Barnabas want the job of messenger?

5. What does K. say about the schoolteacher scolding him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Amalia accuse K. of using Barnabas for?

2. What is Frieda doing for Jeremias at the end of Chapter XXII?

3. Why has Hans come to see K. and what is he supposed to be doing instead?

4. How long does K. need to wait to see Erlanger?

5. What reasons does Buergel give against forbidding interrogations at night?

6. When does K. plan on visiting Hans' mother?

7. Where do Jeremias and Frieda go to work after K. leaves?

8. What happens to Jeremias and Artur when they are not together?

9. How does Frieda initially react to K.'s explanation of his relationship with Barnabas' family?

10. What reason does Erlanger give K. the request Erlanger is making during the meeting?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The bureaucracy of the Castle seems to have no guiding force or leader, and is self-reinforcing, following only rules and regulations. Discuss the leaderless nature of the machine of bureaucracy.

1) Who assesses how well the bureaucracy of the Castle is functioning? What are the consequences?

2) How does the Castle itself function as a leader for the village? What are the consequences of the fact that the Castle is not a person, but an institution? What difference would it make if instead of a Castle, the village followed a King?

3) What controls the Castle? How is bureaucratic control different than control by a leader?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss THE CASTLE as a religious allegory.

1) Considering The Castle as a religious allegory, what role does Klamm play? What does the nature of Klamm say about the author's viewpoint?

2) What role does the Castle bureaucracy play? Who do Klamm's representatives represent?

3) What moral dilemma does The Castle present about the nature of being good, based on K.'s arguments about intention?

Essay Topic 3

In the novel, the motivations of people are often open to question. Discuss the significance of the ambiguity of characters' motivations.

1) Are K.'s motivations clear? What are his possible motivations for being with Frieda? Do his motivations make a difference? What do you think of K.'s argument that his motivations don't necessarily matter?

2) What are conflicting reports of Frieda's motivations? How ambiguous are her motives? How important is it that other people can't necessarily ever fully understand her motivations?

3) How does the obscurity of the workings of the Castle compare to the obscurity of the motives of the characters?

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