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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Barnabas have to wait for the letters he delivers?

2. How do the gentlemen react to the deliveries?

3. How does the landlord react to seeing K. in the corridor at the Gentlemen's Inn?

4. What did Sortini order Amalia to do in his letter?

5. Who controlled the family's response to being ostracized by the community?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Jeremias and Artur when they are not together?

2. How long does K. need to wait to see Erlanger?

3. What reason does Erlanger give K. the request Erlanger is making during the meeting?

4. What does K. hope that Barnabas' good news was?

5. Why has Hans come to see K. and what is he supposed to be doing instead?

6. What does Buergel say might happen at a meeting in the middle of the night?

7. What does Barnabas say about Klamm's appearance?

8. What is Frieda afraid might happen to he if her mother's warnings are right?

9. What is Frieda doing for Jeremias at the end of Chapter XXII?

10. What does Barnabas' family think about his job with the Castle?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, the bureaucracy of the Castle is both very powerful and lacking in power. Discuss this dynamic.

1) In what ways is the bureaucracy of the Castle powerful? How does it control people's actions?

2) In what ways does the bureaucracy of the Castle lack power? How does K. manage to defy the bureaucracy?

3) How does the bureaucracy's power, and lack of power, affect Amalia and her family?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss THE CASTLE as a religious allegory.

1) Considering The Castle as a religious allegory, what role does Klamm play? What does the nature of Klamm say about the author's viewpoint?

2) What role does the Castle bureaucracy play? Who do Klamm's representatives represent?

3) What moral dilemma does The Castle present about the nature of being good, based on K.'s arguments about intention?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the setting of the novel.

1) Discuss the Castle as part of the setting of the novel. Why does the reader never visit the inside of the Castle? How does the reader learn about the Castle? What does the appearance and structure of the Castle say about it and about the village?

2) How does the setting of the village influence the novel?

3) Why do the inns become a major part of the novel's setting? What is the importance of the two inns in the novel?

4) What significance does the schoolhouse have as a setting?

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