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Short Answer Questions

1. Who led the family toward Sortini when they saw him approaching?

2. Where does the letter-writer want to meet K.?

3. How long does Barnabas have to wait for the letters he delivers?

4. Who was the first letter that Barnabas delivered sent to?

5. What does K. do while listening to Buergel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Buergel say might happen at a meeting in the middle of the night?

2. What was Amalia's father hoping for at his work, before the family's disgrace?

3. What reason does Erlanger give K. the request Erlanger is making during the meeting?

4. What does K. hope that Barnabas' good news was?

5. What happens to Jeremias and Artur when they are not together?

6. What did Olga do to try to remove her family's disgrace?

7. What is Frieda doing for Jeremias at the end of Chapter XXII?

8. What did Sortini do when Amalia's family approached him?

9. What did the townspeople do after Amalia's disobedience became known?

10. How does Frieda initially react to K.'s explanation of his relationship with Barnabas' family?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the novel, the bureaucracy of the Castle is both very powerful and lacking in power. Discuss this dynamic.

1) In what ways is the bureaucracy of the Castle powerful? How does it control people's actions?

2) In what ways does the bureaucracy of the Castle lack power? How does K. manage to defy the bureaucracy?

3) How does the bureaucracy's power, and lack of power, affect Amalia and her family?

Essay Topic 2

The bureaucracy of the Castle seems to have no guiding force or leader, and is self-reinforcing, following only rules and regulations. Discuss the leaderless nature of the machine of bureaucracy.

1) Who assesses how well the bureaucracy of the Castle is functioning? What are the consequences?

2) How does the Castle itself function as a leader for the village? What are the consequences of the fact that the Castle is not a person, but an institution? What difference would it make if instead of a Castle, the village followed a King?

3) What controls the Castle? How is bureaucratic control different than control by a leader?

Essay Topic 3

Obedience is an important aspect of the characters' lives in the village. Discuss the role of obedience in the novel.

1) To whom are the characters in the novel obedient or disobedient?

2) What happens to characters who disobey authority in the novel? For what reasons do the characters disobey authority?

3) Why does the culture in the story value obedience?

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