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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does K. get to see Klamm?
(a) By looking through a peephole.
(b) By sitting next to him at the restaurant.
(c) By passing him on the street.
(d) By rushing into his office unannounced.

2. What does Schwarzer tell K. in the beginning of the novel when the two first meet?
(a) That K. has to show papers bearing the royal seal from the Castle.
(b) That K. has no permission to be there.
(c) That K. has to work for his board at the inn.
(d) That K. is welcome in the village.

3. What finally happens to the sleigh and the horses?
(a) They are brought back to the stable.
(b) They ride out to the country to meet Klamm.
(c) They ride off to the Castle.
(d) They circle around the inn several times, before disappearing.

4. What is Barnabas' role, according to the letter from K.'s director?
(a) He is a messenger to communicate with the Castle.
(b) He is a guard to watch out for K.'s safety.
(c) He is an assistant to help K. with his work.
(d) He is an overseer to make sure K. is behaving properly.

5. What photo does the landlady show K.?
(a) A photo of a messenger Klamm sent to her long ago.
(b) A photo of herself as a young girl.
(c) A photo of Frieda as a young girl.
(d) A photo of her husband as a young man.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does K. go with the people he meets on the road?

2. How does the landlord say that the landlady has been feeling?

3. How likely does Frieda's mother say it is for K. to see Klamm?

4. What gets thrown on Frieda and K.?

5. What does Frieda want K. to do about the job offer?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the chairman's wife act during K.'s visit?

2. What is Frieda afraid might happen to he if her mother's warnings are right?

3. How does K. answer Frieda's mother's objections about him?

4. What does Barnabas' family think about his job with the Castle?

5. What did the townspeople do after Amalia's disobedience became known?

6. How does K. feel when he goes to see the village chairman?

7. What does Pepi say that K. will be able to do if he accepts her offer of a place to stay?

8. What does Klamm write about K.'s assistants, and how does this compare to the reality of K.'s assistants' roles?

9. How do K. and the Gentlemen's Inn's landlady each defend themselves in their argument?

10. What does K. believe is the reason that Hans and his family never received favors from Klamm?

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