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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who controlled the family's response to being ostracized by the community?
(a) The mother.
(b) The father.
(c) Olga.
(d) Amalia.

2. What does K. say about his loyalty to Frieda?
(a) That he was never unfaithful.
(b) That she doesn't deserve to know whether he was faithful.
(c) That it doesn't matter whether he was unfaithful.
(d) That she is horrid to challenge his faithfulness.

3. Who gives Barnabas the letters he is supposed to deliver?
(a) A clerk.
(b) Klamm's private secretary.
(c) Klamm.
(d) A military officer.

4. When Amalia's father finally took action after their disgrace, what did he do?
(a) Talk to Sortini.
(b) Petition the Castle.
(c) Publically chastise the community.
(d) Publically plead for forgiveness.

5. Why does K. go to see Barnabas in Chapter XV?
(a) Because he suspects that Barnabas knows a secret way to get to Klamm.
(b) Because he hasn't heard from Barnabas about his message to Klamm.
(c) Because he wants to hire Barnabas to do a secret errand.
(d) Because he has a new message for Barnabas to deliver.

6. How long does Barnabas have to wait for the letters he delivers?
(a) At most, several hours.
(b) Never more than a few minutes.
(c) A long time, sometimes days.
(d) Usually a half hour to an hour.

7. Whose secretary is Buergel?
(a) Klamm's.
(b) Sortini's.
(c) Erlanger's.
(d) Friedrich's.

8. What did Frieda's mother warn her about K.?
(a) That K. was manipulative and ambitious.
(b) That K. was lazy and stubborn.
(c) That K. was violent and abusive.
(d) That K. was drunken and sullen.

9. What was the family looking at when Sortini approached Amalia?
(a) A horse.
(b) A fire engine.
(c) A poster.
(d) A tall building.

10. Does Olga think her family could have restored their position in the village?
(a) No, because of Sortini's high position.
(b) No, because of the particularly wrong they committed.
(c) Yes, if the Castle had intervened
(d) Yes, if they had tried to get in the village's good graces.

11. Where does the letter-writer want to meet K.?
(a) In the Gentlemen's Inn.
(b) At the Castle gates.
(c) At the Bridge Inn.
(d) At the schoolhouse.

12. Who is Galater?
(a) Klamm's substitute.
(b) Klamm's new secretary.
(c) Klamm's uncle.
(d) Klamm's boss.

13. Who is waiting at the meeting place when K. gets there?
(a) Frieda and Amalia.
(b) The landlord and landlady.
(c) No one.
(d) A large crowd of people.

14. Who knocks on K.'s door at the beginning of Chapter XIII?
(a) Barnabas.
(b) One of the workers from the Gentlemen's Inn.
(c) One of the children of the master tanner.
(d) One of the assistants.

15. Where do the letters Barnabas delivers come from?
(a) A machine.
(b) A mysterious unseen person inside an office.
(c) A clerk who writes letters all day.
(d) A stack of old letters.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the first letter that Barnabas delivered sent to?

2. What was the family's response to being ostracized by the community?

3. What does Frieda think K. might be using her for?

4. What does the teacher scold K. for at the beginning of Chapter XIV?

5. How effective is bribing Castle officials?

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