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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does K. fall asleep at the end of Chapter XXIV?
(a) In a bathtub.
(b) In a barrel.
(c) In the street.
(d) On the rug.

2. Who gives Barnabas the letters he is supposed to deliver?
(a) A clerk.
(b) Klamm's private secretary.
(c) Klamm.
(d) A military officer.

3. What is Frieda doing when K. returns to the schoolhouse in Chapter XV?
(a) Telling stories to the children.
(b) Mopping the floors.
(c) Sorting the library books.
(d) Bathing a cat.

4. Had other families been disgraced in the past?
(a) No, it had never happened before.
(b) No, except for a rumored family long ago that may not exist.
(c) Yes, and they had recovered.
(d) Yes, and they had not recovered.

5. Does Frieda come back to K. at the end of Chapter XXII?
(a) Yes, she leaves Jeremias for K.
(b) No, she leaves both K. and Jeremias.
(c) Yes, but she continues to see Jeremias.
(d) No, she stays with Jeremias.

6. What does K. say about his loyalty to Frieda?
(a) That he was never unfaithful.
(b) That it doesn't matter whether he was unfaithful.
(c) That she doesn't deserve to know whether he was faithful.
(d) That she is horrid to challenge his faithfulness.

7. What does Buergel talk to K. about?
(a) The way the secretary system works.
(b) The schedule of arrivals and departures at the Gentlemen's Inn.
(c) The private lives of the Castle elite.
(d) The architectural design of the Castle.

8. Who knocks on K.'s door at the beginning of Chapter XIII?
(a) One of the children of the master tanner.
(b) One of the assistants.
(c) Barnabas.
(d) One of the workers from the Gentlemen's Inn.

9. What does K. do when he sees Frieda?
(a) Slaps her face.
(b) Ignores her.
(c) Runs to her and embraces her.
(d) Shakes her hand coldly.

10. What does Frieda think K. might be using her for?
(a) To get to Klamm.
(b) To get revenge.
(c) To get accepted by the local families.
(d) To get money.

11. What does K. do while listening to Buergel?
(a) He twiddle his thumbs.
(b) He taps his foot incessantly.
(c) He falls asleep.
(d) He paces madly.

12. Why does Hans think his father might be sympathetic toward K.?
(a) Hans' father was once a stranger in the village.
(b) Hans' father wanted to summon a land surveyor.
(c) Hans' father also wants to see Klamm.
(d) Hans' father is a land surveyor like K.

13. What was the family's response to being ostracized by the community?
(a) To do nothing.
(b) To snub the most prominent members of the community.
(c) To write letters to the Castle.
(d) To complain constantly to whoever would listen.

14. How easy does K. think it will be to win Frieda back?
(a) He thinks it will be very difficult, and he'll have to make tough concessions.
(b) He thinks it will be impossible.
(c) He thinks it will only take a few words from him.
(d) He thinks he will have to beg her and show his worth.

15. How do the gentlemen react to the deliveries?
(a) They accept the deliveries with flamboyant thanks.
(b) They take the deliveries and then redeliver to someone else.
(c) They fight over the deliveries.
(d) They try to avoid deliveries to them.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells K. the story of how their family became disparaged in the community?

2. Who is waiting at the meeting place when K. gets there?

3. What does Frieda say that K. wants from Hans' family?

4. Who does K. intend to use his weapon against when he leaves Olga's house?

5. How effective is bribing Castle officials?

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