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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does K. say about Amalia's attractiveness?
(a) She is too reserved and unapproachable.
(b) Her friendly personality makes her irresistable.
(c) She is far lovelier than Frieda.
(d) She is annoyingly bubbly.

2. Where do the letters Barnabas delivers come from?
(a) A clerk who writes letters all day.
(b) A machine.
(c) A stack of old letters.
(d) A mysterious unseen person inside an office.

3. What was Amalia's father's profession?
(a) He worked at a toy maker's factory.
(b) He worked as a clerk at the Castle.
(c) He worked at a printer's office.
(d) He worked in the fire department.

4. What did Frieda's mother warn her about K.?
(a) That K. was violent and abusive.
(b) That K. was lazy and stubborn.
(c) That K. was manipulative and ambitious.
(d) That K. was drunken and sullen.

5. What does K. take when he leaves Olga's house?
(a) A willow switch.
(b) A knife.
(c) A heavy vase.
(d) A rock.

6. What does Erlanger ask from K.?
(a) That K. leave the town.
(b) That Jeremias return to the Castle.
(c) That K. stop seeing Barnabas's family.
(d) That Frieda return to her post.

7. How effective is bribing Castle officials?
(a) Effective, if the bribe is large enough.
(b) Ineffective but tolerated.
(c) Effective, if the bribe is given to the right official.
(d) Ineffective and usually resulting in criminal prosecution.

8. What was the family's response to being ostracized by the community?
(a) To complain constantly to whoever would listen.
(b) To write letters to the Castle.
(c) To do nothing.
(d) To snub the most prominent members of the community.

9. Who gives Barnabas the letters he is supposed to deliver?
(a) Klamm's private secretary.
(b) A military officer.
(c) Klamm.
(d) A clerk.

10. How do the gentlemen react to the deliveries?
(a) They try to avoid deliveries to them.
(b) They fight over the deliveries.
(c) They take the deliveries and then redeliver to someone else.
(d) They accept the deliveries with flamboyant thanks.

11. What does K. say about his loyalty to Frieda?
(a) That she is horrid to challenge his faithfulness.
(b) That it doesn't matter whether he was unfaithful.
(c) That she doesn't deserve to know whether he was faithful.
(d) That he was never unfaithful.

12. What does Buergel do when K. stumbles into his room?
(a) He invites K. in.
(b) He calls security.
(c) He calls down to the inn's owner.
(d) He yells at K.

13. What type of interrogations does Buergel say are best for the person being interrogated?
(a) Nighttime interrogations.
(b) Interrogations at the Castle.
(c) Interrogations at the person's home.
(d) Daytime interrogations.

14. What does Buergel talk to K. about?
(a) The schedule of arrivals and departures at the Gentlemen's Inn.
(b) The architectural design of the Castle.
(c) The private lives of the Castle elite.
(d) The way the secretary system works.

15. Does Olga think her family could have restored their position in the village?
(a) No, because of Sortini's high position.
(b) Yes, if they had tried to get in the village's good graces.
(c) No, because of the particularly wrong they committed.
(d) Yes, if the Castle had intervened

Short Answer Questions

1. What crime had the Castle formally charged the family with?

2. Who does Olga say is the head of their family?

3. Who does K. discover has connections at the Castle?

4. What does K. do when he sees Frieda?

5. Who has saved K.'s job as janitor?

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