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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Olga believe is the source of their misfortune?
(a) Sortini.
(b) The fire department.
(c) Klamm.
(d) Sortini's servant.

2. Why does Barnabas want the job of messenger?
(a) For the status it brings.
(b) Because he is endebted to Klamm.
(c) For the chance to overhear conversations.
(d) For the money it brings.

3. How do the gentlemen react to the deliveries?
(a) They fight over the deliveries.
(b) They try to avoid deliveries to them.
(c) They accept the deliveries with flamboyant thanks.
(d) They take the deliveries and then redeliver to someone else.

4. What does Frieda say that K. wants from Hans' family?
(a) Friendship.
(b) Money.
(c) Access to the Castle.
(d) A place to stay for free.

5. What does the teacher scold K. for at the beginning of Chapter XIV?
(a) Not dressing properly.
(b) Not being polite enough.
(c) Talking to the wrong people.
(d) Not cleaning up the room.

6. What is Frieda doing when K. returns to the schoolhouse in Chapter XV?
(a) Mopping the floors.
(b) Telling stories to the children.
(c) Sorting the library books.
(d) Bathing a cat.

7. What does Frieda think K. might be using her for?
(a) To get accepted by the local families.
(b) To get to Klamm.
(c) To get money.
(d) To get revenge.

8. What does K. see being delivered in the Gentlemen's Inn, as the morning approaches?
(a) Books.
(b) Breakfast.
(c) Files.
(d) Flowers.

9. Who is Galater?
(a) Klamm's new secretary.
(b) Klamm's uncle.
(c) Klamm's boss.
(d) Klamm's substitute.

10. What does Buergel do when K. stumbles into his room?
(a) He calls security.
(b) He calls down to the inn's owner.
(c) He yells at K.
(d) He invites K. in.

11. Who does Olga say is the head of their family?
(a) Their mother.
(b) Their father.
(c) Barnabas.
(d) Amalia.

12. Who tells K. that Olga is in love with him?
(a) Olga's father.
(b) Olga.
(c) Amalia.
(d) Olga's mother.

13. Who gives Barnabas the letters he is supposed to deliver?
(a) A clerk.
(b) A military officer.
(c) Klamm's private secretary.
(d) Klamm.

14. How does the landlord react to seeing K. in the corridor at the Gentlemen's Inn?
(a) He is woried.
(b) He is furious.
(c) He is jealous.
(d) He is thrilled.

15. Who led the family toward Sortini when they saw him approaching?
(a) Olga.
(b) The father.
(c) The mother.
(d) Amalia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does K. fall asleep at the end of Chapter XXIV?

2. What is Frieda doing when K. sees her at the Gentlemen's Inn?

3. What does K. say about his plan in dealing with Hans?

4. What does Erlanger ask from K.?

5. How was Amalia's father punished for her disobedience?

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