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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the weather like at the beginning of Chapter X?
(a) Sunny and warm.
(b) Bad.
(c) Windy but clear.
(d) Overcast but still.

2. What does Schwarzer tell K. in the beginning of the novel when the two first meet?
(a) That K. is welcome in the village.
(b) That K. has to work for his board at the inn.
(c) That K. has to show papers bearing the royal seal from the Castle.
(d) That K. has no permission to be there.

3. Why does K. step into a house on the way to the Castle?
(a) He is starving and needs some food.
(b) He is trying to avoid someone he sees on the road.
(c) The winding road confounds him, and he needs directions.
(d) Going uphill through snow tires him out.

4. What reason does Frieda give that she is sad she left the Gentlemen's Inn?
(a) She misses a steady income as a barmaid.
(b) She misses Klamm's power.
(c) She feels unworthy to be with K.
(d) She misses Klamm's wealth.

5. How does K. fear appearing, if the landlady is refused permission for K. to meet Klamm?
(a) Rebellious.
(b) Insignficant.
(c) Greedy.
(d) Worthless.

6. What does Frieda refer to the assistants as?
(a) Klamm's emissaries.
(b) Klamm's entourage.
(c) Klamm's misfits.
(d) Klamm's missionaries.

7. Why does the landlady say that Frieda never received gifts from Klamm?
(a) She never asked for any gifts.
(b) Klamm never gives gifts to his mistresses.
(c) Klamm only gives one gift to a mistress, when she leaves him.
(d) She is not a good enough mistress to deserve gifts.

8. What does Frieda ask K. to do?
(a) Go away from the town and leave her.
(b) Stay with her in the down, despite the townspeople.
(c) Go abroad and start a business, then ask her to come when he's established.
(d) Go live abroad with her.

9. Where does K. say he could stay, if Frieda's mother kicked him out?
(a) At the Castle.
(b) With Barnabas.
(c) At the Gentleman's Inn.
(d) With Artur.

10. What is the attitude of the people in the house toward K.?
(a) They are scared to have K. in the house.
(b) They are pleased to have K., but have no extra room, money, or food.
(c) They are very pleased to welcome and feed K.
(d) They are not happy about taking him into their house.

11. When K. leaves with Barnabas, where do they end up?
(a) At another inn.
(b) At Barnabas' house.
(c) At the Castle.
(d) At the churchyard.

12. Why does the teacher say the offer is a great favor?
(a) The position is unnecessary.
(b) The chairman has never offered anyone a job before.
(c) The position was going to be given to the chairman's brother.
(d) The offer was especially requested by Klamm.

13. Who does K. meet on the road?
(a) Olga and Barnabas.
(b) Frieda and Olga.
(c) His assistants and Barnabas.
(d) His assistants and Frieda.

14. How does the teacher say K. treated the chairman?
(a) Unethically.
(b) Rudely.
(c) Appropriately.
(d) Considerately.

15. What is K. asked to get out of Klamm's sleigh?
(a) A music box.
(b) Klamm's spectacles.
(c) A riding crop.
(d) Cognac.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does K. get back to the inn?

2. What position does the chairman offer to K.?

3. What does the landlady say about the landlord?

4. Where does K. go with the people he meets on the road?

5. What does Frieda's mother say that Klamm thinks about K.?

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