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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who discovers Frieda and K. embracing in K.'s room?
(a) Olga.
(b) Barnabas.
(c) A Castle official.
(d) Some maids.

2. Who does the letter from K.'s director tell him to report to?
(a) The village chairman.
(b) The director.
(c) The Queen.
(d) The Count.

3. Who does K. meet and ask questions about the Castle?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A stonemason.
(c) A cartographer.
(d) A lawyer.

4. What answer do K.'s assistants get when they call the Castle for permission to visit?
(a) They are told they can come at once.
(b) They are told they must fill out the right forms.
(c) They are told they must wait three days.
(d) They are told no.

5. What do Artur and Jeremias look like?
(a) Similar to each other, but with different color eyes.
(b) Opposites, with one fat and the other thin.
(c) Similar to each other, but with different color hair.
(d) Identical, with thick black beards.

6. What is it like inside Klamm's sleigh?
(a) Sterile and austere.
(b) Cramped and hot.
(c) Cold and uncomforable.
(d) Luxurious and warm.

7. Do the people in the house know about K.?
(a) No, they have only heard vague rumors of a stranger in town.
(b) Yes, they have heard talk about him.
(c) Yes, but they pretend not to know of him.
(d) No, they have never heard anything about him.

8. What document does the chairman try to locate?
(a) One that will give K. permission to visit the Castle.
(b) One that will explain why K. was sent for.
(c) One that will give details of K.'s appointment.
(d) One that will give K. instructions on leaving the village.

9. Who does Frieda say the assistants really want?
(a) K.
(b) Klamm.
(c) Frieda.
(d) Barnabas.

10. Who does K. meet on the road?
(a) Olga and Barnabas.
(b) His assistants and Frieda.
(c) Frieda and Olga.
(d) His assistants and Barnabas.

11. How does K. feel when he leaves the meeting with the chairman?
(a) Unsatisfied.
(b) Nervous.
(c) Mournful.
(d) Happy.

12. How does K. get to see Klamm?
(a) By rushing into his office unannounced.
(b) By passing him on the street.
(c) By looking through a peephole.
(d) By sitting next to him at the restaurant.

13. What is the chairman suffering from?
(a) Headache.
(b) Flu.
(c) Gout.
(d) Measles.

14. What does K. hope to ask Klamm for, when he meets with him?
(a) Frieda's hand in marriage.
(b) Favors.
(c) A permanent surveyor job.
(d) A job in the Castle.

15. What answer does K. get when he calls the Castle himself for permission to visit?
(a) He is told no.
(b) He is told he must wait three days.
(c) He is told he can come at once.
(d) He is told he must fill out the right forms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What jumps on Frieda in the middle of the night at the school?

2. Who does K. believe is behind the landlady's marriage and the lease of the inn?

3. What does Klamm try to find on the wall in the taproom?

4. When K. leaves with Barnabas, where do they end up?

5. How did the landlady meet her husband?

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