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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is K. asked to get out of Klamm's sleigh?
(a) A riding crop.
(b) Cognac.
(c) A music box.
(d) Klamm's spectacles.

2. What does K. worry about regarding Frieda?
(a) That she will leave him when she learns the Castle does not need him.
(b) That she will continue to feel attached to Klamm.
(c) That she will make Klamm angry with her.
(d) That she will continue to sleep with Klamm.

3. What does the landlady say about the landlord?
(a) He is jealous of K.
(b) He resents the landlady and goes against whatever she wants.
(c) He supports the landlady in everything she asks for.
(d) He is secretly employed by Klamm and does what the official wants.

4. Who does K. meet and ask questions about the Castle?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A stonemason.
(c) A cartographer.
(d) A lawyer.

5. Who does K. go to the Gentlemen's Inn to look for?
(a) Olga.
(b) Frieda.
(c) Klamm.
(d) Barnabas.

6. How does the landlord say that the landlady has been feeling?
(a) Worried that she has hurt K.
(b) Nervous that K. will make trouble for her.
(c) Sad that she's hurt her daughter.
(d) Sick and upset because of K.

7. Why do the characters have trouble sleeping at the school?
(a) It is too noisy.
(b) It is too bright.
(c) It is too hot.
(d) It is too cold.

8. Why does the landlady say that Frieda never received gifts from Klamm?
(a) Klamm only gives one gift to a mistress, when she leaves him.
(b) Klamm never gives gifts to his mistresses.
(c) She is not a good enough mistress to deserve gifts.
(d) She never asked for any gifts.

9. What do the assistants do when K. makes them leave?
(a) Bang at the windows and doors.
(b) Bring drums and trumpets to make noise outside the window.
(c) Leave quietly.
(d) Pull down the curtains and break lamps as they leave.

10. Who does K. say summoned him?
(a) The Count.
(b) The Queen.
(c) The Attache.
(d) The Prince.

11. What reason does Frieda suggest for letting the assistants return?
(a) If they are brought back, they can be used as spies.
(b) They might be a way of getting to Klamm.
(c) They will spread rumors and ruin K.'s reputation.
(d) They might get K. in trouble, if they aren't allowed back.

12. What does the letter praise?
(a) K.'s work as a surveyor.
(b) K's integrity in dealing with Frieda.
(c) K.'s ability to follow rules.
(d) K.'s politeness.

13. How does K. fear appearing, if the landlady is refused permission for K. to meet Klamm?
(a) Greedy.
(b) Insignficant.
(c) Rebellious.
(d) Worthless.

14. Who does K. find in Klamm's sleigh in the courtyard?
(a) A coachman.
(b) A valet.
(c) Klamm's brother.
(d) Klamm's new mistress.

15. What position does the chairman offer to K.?
(a) School janitor.
(b) Clock maintenance worker.
(c) School librarian.
(d) Surveying instructor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leases the inn to the landlady and landlord?

2. What does Schwarzer tell K. in the beginning of the novel when the two first meet?

3. What reason does Frieda's mother give for letting K. stay in the inn when he first arrived?

4. How does K. feel when he leaves the meeting with the chairman?

5. How does the landlady say she feels about K. staying at the inn?

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