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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Frieda's relationship with Klamm?
(a) They are lovers.
(b) They are siblings.
(c) They are enemies.
(d) They are friends.

2. Who does K. meet and ask questions about the Castle?
(a) A teacher.
(b) A cartographer.
(c) A lawyer.
(d) A stonemason.

3. Why do the characters have trouble sleeping at the school?
(a) It is too cold.
(b) It is too hot.
(c) It is too bright.
(d) It is too noisy.

4. What does the landlady say about Barnabas' family?
(a) They won't talk to Frieda.
(b) They are snobs.
(c) They are unfriendly.
(d) They have a bad reputation.

5. How many siblings does Barnabas have?
(a) Three.
(b) Four.
(c) Two.
(d) One.

6. Where is the teacher waiting for K.?
(a) On the street.
(b) In the hallway outside K.'s room.
(c) In the inn's parlor.
(d) In K.'s room.

7. At the end of Chapter VIII, where is K.?
(a) At the steps of the Castle.
(b) At the door to Klamm's room.
(c) Alone in the courtyard.
(d) At his room in the inn.

8. What does the letter praise?
(a) K's integrity in dealing with Frieda.
(b) K.'s work as a surveyor.
(c) K.'s politeness.
(d) K.'s ability to follow rules.

9. Who does the letter from K.'s director tell him to report to?
(a) The Count.
(b) The director.
(c) The village chairman.
(d) The Queen.

10. What does K. want to do about his assistants?
(a) Find them new jobs.
(b) Find them a separate place to live.
(c) Send them to the Castle.
(d) Send them away.

11. Who is the gentleman waiting for K. at the beginning of Chapter IX?
(a) Klamm's senior assistant.
(b) Klamm's village secretary.
(c) Klamm's brother.
(d) Klamm's valet.

12. How does K. fear appearing, if the landlady is refused permission for K. to meet Klamm?
(a) Rebellious.
(b) Worthless.
(c) Greedy.
(d) Insignficant.

13. What does K. hope to ask Klamm for, when he meets with him?
(a) Favors.
(b) Frieda's hand in marriage.
(c) A job in the Castle.
(d) A permanent surveyor job.

14. Who does K. believe is behind the landlady's marriage and the lease of the inn?
(a) Hans.
(b) Klamm.
(c) Hans' uncle.
(d) The Count.

15. What does K. tell Frieda's mother he wants to see Klamm for?
(a) K. wants Klamm's permission to go to the Castle.
(b) K. wants to make sure Klamm has no hard feelings about K. marrying Frieda.
(c) K. wants to know when the Count will come see him.
(d) K. wants to challenge Klamm to a duel over Frieda's affections.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is waiting with the gentleman for K.?

2. What is the attitude of the people in the house toward K.?

3. What does the chairman say is the reason K. was sent for?

4. Where are K. and his assistants living at the beginning of Chapter XI?

5. What does the chairman say about the Castle's phone system?

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