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Short Answer Questions

1. People arrived from how many other countries around the world to welcome this new nation in Africa?

2. When did King enter Crozer Theological Seminary?

3. What did King describe as the age-old problem faced by his mother and all black parents in America?

4. On what date did King call for a Day of Penance to atone for an outbreak of racial violence in Albany?

5. When was King elected head of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA)?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the opening of Chapter 11, "Birth of a New Nation," what was it King stipulated Ghana had to say?

2. Why did King choose the pastorate subsequent to his completion of the residential requirements for his doctorate?

3. How did King's behavior reflect upon his perceived stereotype whites typically had of blacks?

4. How did King describe his meeting with Vice President Richard Nixon?

5. What hardships did King recall when he entered college?

6. Why did King view 6 December 1955 as a day he would have to return to earth?

7. How did King view Reinhold Niebuhr?

8. How did King view the Montgomery bus protest?

9. Why was Mrs. Rosa Parks arrested on 1 December 1955?

10. What did King observe about love?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Evaluate the circumstances that led King to what he described as "the angriest I have ever been in my life" at age 14? How would this episode lead him toward determining what his duty in life would be at a young age? What influence might it have had in his decision to take up Rosa Parks' cause in 1955?

Essay Topic 2

Assess the view King held of the student sit-in phase of the early 1960s. What were aspects of protests of that era that he felt distinguished them from earlier periods? What did King stipulate was the ultimate goal of blacks with regard to whites? What did he specify was the moral obligation and ultimate aim of blacks in his analysis of the student movement? "The most significant aspect of this student movement" that King identified was what?

Essay Topic 3

Characterize King's doubts about the reliability of the Bible. When did they initially evolve? How did he balance his perception of the Bible with his profession? How was it he was to love a group (i.e., whites,) that hated him?

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