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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was a plot by a guerrilla group on King's life discovered during the summer of 1964?
(a) In Alabama.
(b) In Mississippi.
(c) In Florida.
(d) In Georgia.

2. King noted that Mahatma Gandhi labored for many years without his people being independent, and he died from what?
(a) From injury.
(b) From illness.
(c) From assassination.
(d) From old age.

3. King sought as his legacy justice, he was good to both the oppressed and the poor, and strove to do right even when he was what?
(a) Wrong.
(b) Resolute.
(c) Adamant.
(d) Militant.

4. King argued that opposing violence was pragmatic for what reason?
(a) Because violence would create a backlash.
(b) Because violence was not Christian.
(c) Because violence was humane.
(d) Because violence was inhumane.

5. What valediction did King use to conclude his letter?
(a) "Yours for the cause of Peace and Brotherhood."
(b) "Yours in pursuit of Christian understanding."
(c) "In appreciation of your patience and understanding."
(d) "Yours humbly in Faith, Trust, and Hope."

Short Answer Questions

1. When did a Ku Klux Klan meeting take place relative to the bombs being having been set?

2. President Kennedy called Coretta Scott King and expressed concern for her husband on what date?

3. What transpired in St. Augustine, Florida, that instigated the fight for the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

4. What did King organize with Chicago's Mayor R. Daley and others on 26 August 1967?

5. King stipulated there was an opportunity to use massive nonviolent action as a means to escape national disaster and achieve what during the Poor People's Campaign?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did King and Abernathy leave jail in Birmingham?

2. Why did King view the summer of 1963 as being historic?

3. Why did King see "the poverty of conscience of the white majority in Birmingham" as being clearest at the child martyrs' funerals in September 1963?

4. What prompted King to visit Watts immediately following the riots despite being warned not to go there?

5. Why did King use the phrase "one of the most important meetings we ever convened" to depict a SCLC staff meeting held in November, 1967?

6. What did King stipulate about being jailed in Selma, Alabama?

7. What did King stipulate in his comparison of racial discrimination in the South and the North?

8. How did King describe life?

9. King experienced what when he initially took his position on the war in Vietnam?

10. What did King say in his address at the Atlanta dinner honoring his receipt of the Nobel Prize?

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