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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Following a press conference at the U.S. Senate, when was the only encounter King had with Malcolm X?
(a) On 26 March 1964.
(b) On 6 June 1964.
(c) On 5 April 1964.
(d) On 16 May 1964.

2. President Kennedy called Coretta Scott King and expressed concern for her husband on what date?
(a) 12 April 1963.
(b) 15 April 1963.
(c) 13 April 1963.
(d) 14 April 1963.

3. Where was King assassinated on 4 April 1968?
(a) The Howard Johnson Motel, Athens, Georgia.
(b) The Johnston Motel, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
(c) The Tennessee River Motel, Decatur, Alabama.
(d) The Lorraine Motel, Memphis, Tennessee.

4. King stipulated he "deplored violence and war as instruments for achieving solutions to mankind's problems" for how long?
(a) All his adult life.
(b) Since the Vietnam War.
(c) Since the Korean War.
(d) Since high school.

5. How many people took part in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom?
(a) An estimated 5 million.
(b) An estimated 25 million.
(c) An estimated 50 million.
(d) An estimated 15 million.

6. On what day was Viola Gregg Liuzzo killed by Klan members as she drove marchers back from a 4-day march from Selma to Montgomery?
(a) 15 March 1965.
(b) 20 March 1965.
(c) 25 March 1965.
(d) 30 March 1965.

7. On which television program on the evening of 29 May 1966 did King urge an end to the bombing in Vietnam?
(a) Face the Nation.
(b) The Johnny Carson Show.
(c) CBS News with Walter Cronkite.
(d) The Huntley-Brinkley Report.

8. King indicated the war in Vietnam played havoc with what?
(a) The destiny of the entire world.
(b) The destiny of an entire generation.
(c) The destiny of all Vietnam.
(d) The destiny of all Southeast Asia.

9. What phrase did King use to describe the approach the black community would follow in its pursuit of the Poor People's Campaign?
(a) "An effective, honorable, nonviolent movement."
(b) "An effective, militant, nonviolent movement."
(c) "An inspired, militant, violent movement as necessary."
(d) "A nonviolet movement, but as militant as necessary."

10. What valediction did King use to conclude his letter?
(a) "In appreciation of your patience and understanding."
(b) "Yours in pursuit of Christian understanding."
(c) "Yours for the cause of Peace and Brotherhood."
(d) "Yours humbly in Faith, Trust, and Hope."

11. King felt he could not conclude an account of the 6 weeks of protests in Birmingham without recognizing support which came from where?
(a) Around the world.
(b) Around the South.
(c) Around the country.
(d) Around Alabama.

12. On 10 July 1967, at a "Freedom Sunday" rally, King initiated a drive to make Chicago an "open city" for what?
(a) Public schools.
(b) Housing.
(c) Municipal employment.
(d) Public transportation.

13. In his letter to the clergy, King described Birmingham as likely the most thoroughly segregated city where?
(a) In the world.
(b) In Alabama.
(c) In the South.
(d) In the U.S.

14. An integrated dinner on 27 January 1965 that honored King was held where?
(a) In New York.
(b) In Atlanta.
(c) In St. Augustine.
(d) In Birmingham.

15. Widespread racial violence between 11-15 August 1965 in Los Angeles, California, resulted in how many deaths?
(a) Between 10-19.
(b) Over 30.
(c) Between 20-29.
(d) Less than 10.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did King deliver his initial public antiwar speech on 4 April 1967?

2. King noted that Mahatma Gandhi labored for many years without his people being independent, and he died from what?

3. When did King initially call for a halt to the bombing of North Vietnam?

4. Where did angry whites attack a Civil Rights march in Chicago on 5 August 1967?

5. The 1964 Nobel Prize for Peace was received by King, but whom did he feel truly deserved the award?

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