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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who received a call from John F. Kennedy on 26 October 1960?
(a) Coretta Scott King.
(b) Governor S. Ernest Vandiver.
(c) Judge Oscar Mitchell.
(d) Martin Luther King, Jr.

2. Who was the Governor of Arkansas when federal troops were called in to protect students at Central High School in Little Rock?
(a) Orval Tessier.
(b) Dobie Gillis.
(c) George Wallace.
(d) Orval Faubus.

3. When did King receive his Bachelor of Divinity degree from Crozer Seminary?
(a) 8 May 1952.
(b) 8 May 1953.
(c) 8 May 1950.
(d) 8 May 1951.

4. King noted he had come to recognize the true meaning of what phrase through Coretta?
(a) "The spine of a husband is his wife."
(b) "A wife determines whether or not a husband is a success."
(c) "A wife is the foundation which supports a husband."
(d) "A wife can either make or break a husband."

5. What were among the false rumors spread about King?
(a) He gambled, abused alcohol, used drugs.
(b) He frequented nightclubs, strip joints.
(c) He purchased a brand-new Cadillac, Buick.
(d) He accepted donations he used for himself.

6. When was King elected head of the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA)?
(a) 5 December 1955.
(b) 1 December 1955.
(c) 3 December 1955.
(d) 7 December 1955.

7. King called Reverend Theodore Jemison for assistance as he had previously led a bus boycott where?
(a) Birmingham, Alabama.
(b) Jackson, Mississippi.
(c) Charleston, South Carolina.
(d) Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

8. King believed preaching should come from the people's experiences, and specified that he must know what about those he pastored?
(a) Their status.
(b) Their fortuity.
(c) Their problems.
(d) Their faith.

9. What custom did King follow every Sunday morning?
(a) 45 minutes of quiet meditation.
(b) 30 minutes of quiet meditation.
(c) An hour of quiet meditation.
(d) 15 minutes of quiet meditation.

10. What happened when King's home was bombed?
(a) King purchased a handgun for protection.
(b) The Police Commissioner stated he brought the bombing on himself.
(c) King denied an offer of bodyguards for protection.
(d) The Kings sustained only minor injuries.

11. Coretta inherited a talent for what from her mother?
(a) Music.
(b) Nursing.
(c) Teaching.
(d) Counseling.

12. King's collegiate studies made him increasingly skeptical as he could not reconcile what?
(a) Many historical facts with scientific facts.
(b) Many historical facts with religion.
(c) Many scientific facts with religion.
(d) Many scientific facts with his beliefs.

13. King elaborated on what land reform movement in India which was virtually unknown in the U.S.?
(a) Bhoonas.
(b) Bhoodan.
(c) Bhojpuri.
(d) Bhopal.

14. Through studying the Bible in college, King stated he "came to see that behind the legends and myths of the Book were many ______."
(a) "Benevolent dreams".
(b) "Humanitarian goals".
(c) "Ideals for mankind".
(d) "Profound truths".

15. Where in Washington did King deliver an address on 17 May 1957?
(a) March for Freedom.
(b) Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom.
(c) Pilgrimage to Vote.
(d) Crusade for Citizenship.

Short Answer Questions

1. It was primarily under Edgar S. Brightman and L. Harold DeWolf that King studied what?

2. In addition to King, how many people were indicted in Montgomery on antiboycott charges in February, 1956?

3. In a paper submitted at Crozer Seminary, King indicated he had nearly despaired over _______'s power to resolve social problems.

4. King's experiences with the Intercollegiate Council convinced him there were many whites who were allies, particularly whom?

5. King stipulated he would not place his ultimate faith in little gods that could be destroyed when?

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