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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21: Death of Illusions, Chapter 22: St. Augustine, Chapter 23: The Mississippi Challenge.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. President Kennedy called Coretta Scott King and expressed concern for her husband on what date?
(a) 12 April 1963.
(b) 14 April 1963.
(c) 15 April 1963.
(d) 13 April 1963.

2. King described his mother as having been what?
(a) "Soft-spoken but strict."
(b) "Hard-spoken and strict."
(c) "Soft-spoken and easy-going."
(d) "Hard-spoken but easy-going."

3. Why did King maintain that those who set bombs on 11 May 1963 had selected a night and time during which customers were leaving closing bars in a black neighborhood?
(a) To instigate most fear.
(b) To cause greatest disorder.
(c) To stir rioting.
(d) To achieve the most death and injury.

4. After a tentative agreement was reached on 11 May 1963, segregationists bombed what locations?
(a) The homes of King's brother and Abernathy.
(b) The Kings' motel and his brother's church.
(c) The Kings' motel and his brother's home.
(d) The church of King's brother and Abernathy's home.

5. What valediction did King use to conclude his letter?
(a) "Yours for the cause of Peace and Brotherhood."
(b) "Yours humbly in Faith, Trust, and Hope."
(c) "Yours in pursuit of Christian understanding."
(d) "In appreciation of your patience and understanding."

Short Answer Questions

1. King stipulated there was something in the universe that justified Cullen Bryant when he said what?

2. When was NAACP leader Medgar Evans assassinated?

3. On what date did King call for a Day of Penance to atone for an outbreak of racial violence in Albany?

4. King elaborated on what land reform movement in India which was virtually unknown in the U.S.?

5. The sit-in movement began in a lunch counter in what location?

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