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Short Answer Questions

1. What concern did Abraham Lincoln have about white laborers?

2. From which ancient philosophers did the Founders draw ideas?

3. Why did most members of the abolitionist movement have difficulty convincing people to support the end of slavery?

4. How does Hofstadter describe Wendell Phillips's political affiliation?

5. How did Wendell Phillips place himself in danger?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which citizens did the Founders originally intend to give the most power and why?

2. Why did Wendell Phillips advocate secession from the South?

3. What is "wage slavery?"

4. What other form of oppression did Wendell Phillips seek to undermine besides slavery?

5. How did the Founders plan to meet the needs of differing classes and interests?

6. What concerns did white laborers have over slavery?

7. How did Abraham Lincoln rise to power?

8. Describe Wendell Phillips.

9. Why didn't the Founders want to establish a monarchy?

10. Why did Wendell Phillips criticize capitalism?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What constitutes a laissez-faire attitude towards an economy? Describe examples of laissez-faire policies. How do laissez-faire policies assist in the economic growth and development of a nation? What dangers are inherent in laissez-faire economics?

Essay Topic 2

How did aggressive land speculation lead to the threat of economic instability in the early 19th century? What role did the Bank of the United States play in this event? How did Andrew Jackson use this situation to his political and financial advantage?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the meaning of the phrase "civil liberties." What civil liberties did the Founders wish for all American citizens to have? How does the Constitution affect the civil liberties of American citizens? Which groups of Americans were not initially guaranteed all civil liberties as described by the Constitution and when did they receive those liberties?

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