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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to John C. Calhoun, what created equality among white Americans?
(a) Universal education.
(b) The submission of African-Americans.
(c) The relocation of African-Americans.
(d) Competition.

2. According to Hofstadter, how is Andrew Jackson often depicted?
(a) As an aggressive proponent for military conquest.
(b) As an arrogant aristocrat.
(c) As an opponent of aristocratic privilege.
(d) As one of the most influential men in history.

3. What position did John C. Calhoun hold in South Carolina?
(a) Representative.
(b) Senator.
(c) Secretary of State.
(d) Governor.

4. What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
(a) An amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
(b) The document that freed all slaves in the United States.
(c) A speech about the state of the Union economy.
(d) The document that outlawed slavery in the Confederate States.

5. What did the industrial lifestyles in Britain and France produce?
(a) Massive amounts of wealth for a few people.
(b) An equal distribution of wealth among the workers.
(c) A climate of social change and development.
(d) A climate of social dissoultion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Wendell Phillips view the Civil War?

2. How did Wendell Phillips place himself in danger?

3. How did John C. Calhoun believe the North was oppressing the South?

4. Who won the presidential election in 1832?

5. With what famous military victory is Andrew Jackson associated?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Hofstadter consider Wendell Phillips the most effective abolitionist?

2. Why did Wendell Phillips criticize capitalism?

3. According to Hofstadter, what was Abraham Lincoln's philosophy on slavery?

4. Why was John C. Calhoun forced to resign as vice-president?

5. Which citizens did the Founders originally intend to give the most power and why?

6. Why did Thomas Jefferson like Locke's political theory?

7. Why does Hofstadter compare John C. Calhoun to Karl Marx?

8. What is an agrarian lifestyle?

9. How did the Founders plan to meet the needs of differing classes and interests?

10. How did the Bank of America contribute to Andrew Jackson's rise to power?

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