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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Chatti showed steady courage in warfare through what?
(a) Their steady chants.
(b) They kept an unwavering flag throughout battle.
(c) Deliberate movements rather than quick rushes.
(d) Their impressive unified steps into the beginning of a battle.

2. Why would the Cotini be more ashamed than other tribes because they worked in the iron mines of Germany?
(a) They could have used the iron to make weapons instead of tribute to the Romans.
(b) Iron mines were considered base because of its disturbance to the outdoor altars.
(c) It was disgraceful against the German kings to mine the iron for anyone else.
(d) The iron mines were considered as low of a job as a slave.

3. How did Tacitus distinguish some tribes as German and not Sarmations?
(a) Sarmations were nomadic while Germans lived in homes.
(b) By their clothing style.
(c) By their primary weapons.
(d) Sarmations were blonde and lighter-skinned.

4. What custom did Chatti boys assume until they showed their worth of birth?
(a) They continued to grow their hair until their first enemy kill.
(b) Took their mother's name until their first war, then they were given their father's name.
(c) They worked in the home until they proved they can fight.
(d) They shaved and showed no beard until they survived a battle.

5. What was so unique about the German tribe Chauci?
(a) They were pacifists.
(b) They sung during battle.
(c) They wore their hair long.
(d) They dwelled in peace as well as in war.

Short Answer Questions

1. Although feuds between families passed on to heirs, what reconciled them?

2. Why did Agricola build forts to surround newly submitted British?

3. What did Tacitus claim was the purpose of "baritus"?

4. Tacitus believed the earth was what shape?

5. What was a common duty for German men to do when not partaking in war?

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