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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What weakness did Germans have that according to Tacitus made them easily defeated?
(a) Overconfidence.
(b) Intemperance of drink.
(c) Lack of seriousness.
(d) Grudges against one another.

2. In German culture, what did undergarments indicate?
(a) Insecurity.
(b) Wealth.
(c) Progressive.
(d) Social norm.

3. How did the German tribe Ubii show pride in being a Roman colony?
(a) They took on new Roman names.
(b) They kept out intruders at the Rhine.
(c) They voluntarily gave agricultural gifts at harvest.
(d) They wore togas.

4. In Chapter 31, why did Mattingly believe Tacitus was mistaken in saying the Brigantes burned a Roman colony under a woman ruler?
(a) The Romans conquered the Brigantes long before the supposed burning.
(b) The Brigantes actually helped the Romans and accepted their aid.
(c) The Brigantes were a peaceful people.
(d) The Brigantes never had a woman leader in their history.

5. Why did Agricola's mother discourage him from studying philosophy?
(a) It was too pretentious.
(b) It was too inactive.
(c) It was a poor man's study.
(d) It "ate the mind."

Short Answer Questions

1. What was necessary for the German people to keep tabs in hierarchy?

2. What held back efficiency in a German assembly of chiefs?

3. Who were the first to be known as Germani?

4. How were the Germans' squadrons grouped?

5. Who were the only ones allowed to decide on capital punishment, imprisonment, and flogging?

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