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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As stated by Mattingly, how does Tacitus compare to other historians of his age in regards to his writings about Germany?
(a) Mediocre.
(b) Not appreciated during his time but after his death.
(c) One of the best.
(d) He was highly appreciated during his time but less so in the present.

2. Tacitus credited whom for Roman successes?
(a) The enemies for their own faults.
(b) The governors of the provinces.
(c) The Roman people.
(d) The great line of emperors.

3. What would help a defendant of a crime if Agricola was the judge of punishment?
(a) Absolute evidence of innocence.
(b) Willingness to give service in the Roman army.
(c) Genuine repentance.
(d) Bribery.

4. What memorable adventure happened to the Usipi?
(a) They had the best victory over Roman legions in history.
(b) They sailed around North Britain, starved and were mistaken as pirates.
(c) They almost drowned in stormy seas off the coast of Britain.
(d) They ran into the Fenni and were almost eaten by them.

5. Who was finally able to restore Roman prestige after years of cruel emperors?
(a) Nero.
(b) Vitellius.
(c) Vespasian.
(d) Caligula.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tacitus noted that the Germans felt which way about gold and silver?

2. Rome's first attempt to conquer Britain can be described as __________.

3. According to a Caledonian, what kept the Gauls and Germans under Roman rule?

4. How did Agricola's arrival in Britain differ from the usual arrival of a new governor?

5. Of the following, what was more resented by the people than tax?

Short Essay Questions

1. What were some false beliefs Tacitus had about Britain?

2. How did Tacitus compare the German tribes' religious beliefs to each other and to the Romans?

3. Describe how Tacitus wrote about Agricola's role as a military apprentice under Suetonius Paulinus.

4. Close to getting a German province, Tacitus believed what caused Rome from procuring strongholds?

5. How did Tacitus commend Agricola's utilization of his armies during peacetime? What did Agricola do during peacetime?

6. How did Tacitus compare the living arrangements of the Germans to the Romans?

7. Compare the role of women in German warfare to women in Roman warfare as Tacitus described it.

8. Compare Britain's geographical location according to Tacitus' knowledge and to how it is known today.

9. Who were Titus and Domitian and what was their relationship to the Roman Empire?

10. When Galba undertook Roman rule, how did Tacitus describe Germany's reaction? What did this indicate about Germany's relationship with Rome?

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