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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tacitus, Agricola felt it was more "honourable to __________ than to hate."
(a) Be loyal.
(b) Hurt.
(c) Die.
(d) Love.

2. How did Agricola help rectify the treasury?
(a) He issued more coins.
(b) He recovered stolen objects from temple robbers.
(c) He got rid of the corrupted officials in the department.
(d) He understood the economy of supply and demand.

3. What happened to Britain's hold after Agricola left?
(a) Little change occurred.
(b) Many forts were abandoned.
(c) There was a steady weakening of Roman hold.
(d) Everything won had been lost.

4. Where did Rome tend to enact its rules?
(a) In the conquered colonies.
(b) Amongst the impoverished rural areas.
(c) In the cities and money classes.
(d) They were unsuccessful in doing so.

5. Tacitus felt what lesson was the hardest to remember in philosophy?
(a) Impartiality.
(b) Accordance between religion and humanities.
(c) A sense of proportion.
(d) Ethics.

6. Tacitus credited whom for Roman successes?
(a) The enemies for their own faults.
(b) The Roman people.
(c) The great line of emperors.
(d) The governors of the provinces.

7. What rumor was spread after Agricola's death?
(a) He commited suicide.
(b) He was poisoned.
(c) He never fought in a battle.
(d) His triumphs were shams.

8. What memorable adventure happened to the Usipi?
(a) They had the best victory over Roman legions in history.
(b) They sailed around North Britain, starved and were mistaken as pirates.
(c) They almost drowned in stormy seas off the coast of Britain.
(d) They ran into the Fenni and were almost eaten by them.

9. In Agricola's third year in Britain, he focused on what in particular?
(a) He extended the conquered land to the entire isle.
(b) Tried to leave Britain for Germany.
(c) Granted citizenship for all of Britain.
(d) He built forts.

10. Before Tacitus' time, a person who wrote an autobiography was considered to be__________.
(a) Not worth reading about.
(b) Insecure.
(c) Self-confident.
(d) Egocentric.

11. Between which years were Agricola's campaigns in Britain?
(a) 53-68 A.D.
(b) 78-84 A.D.
(c) 2 A.D. - 7 A.D.
(d) 578 A.D. - 584 A.D.

12. Where did Agricola stand when fighting with his men?
(a) In the middle as his men surrounded him.
(b) In the very front.
(c) In the back.
(d) He did not fight in the battlegrounds.

13. What did Tacitus falsely believe Britain had that was worth conquering?
(a) Iron.
(b) Good farming lands.
(c) Gold and silver.
(d) Excellent cattle and sheep.

14. As stated by Mattingly, how does Tacitus compare to other historians of his age in regards to his writings about Germany?
(a) One of the best.
(b) Mediocre.
(c) Not appreciated during his time but after his death.
(d) He was highly appreciated during his time but less so in the present.

15. What was Agricola's reaction to the first attack under his consul?
(a) He sent a messenger with a surrender's note.
(b) He asked the emperor what he should do.
(c) He decided to wait and see.
(d) He went where the action was.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Agricola's arrival in Britain differ from the usual arrival of a new governor?

2. How was Arminius received at home after his win over Quintillius?

3. Of the following, what was most upsetting for Tacitus in regards to Agricola's death?

4. How did Agricola take advantage of his first victory?

5. With which ruler did Agricola have the most tense relationship?

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